2nd Grade Stories

(Ages 7-8)

Story Map 2nd Grade
Denny 2nd Grade

Brain Facts: My Brain Keeps Me Alive

This story talks about all the things that your brain does that helps you to stay alive.

Rain 2nd Grade

Social Health: Helping You Helps Me Too

This story describes how engaging in altruistic, prosocial behaviors helps everyone’s social health.

PJ 2nd Grade

Physical Health: Exercise- Good for Your Body and Your Brain

This story describes how moving your body helps your muscles and your brain to stay healthy.

Cort 2nd Grade

Emotional Health: Being Afraid Can Help You- WHAT?!?

This story describes how fear can actually help you to learn and stay alive.

Fran 2nd Grade

Cognitive Health: Lots of Ways to Learn

This story describes how the way that we learn changes as the world changes. Our ability to keep learning throughout our lifetime is what helps to keep our brain healthy. 

Axo 2nd Grade

Brain Health: A SPECtacular Trip to the Zoo

In this story, the children set out on a SPECtacular adventure to explore the “Brain Zoo.” By comparing the four major components of a healthy brain (Social, Physical, Emotional, & Cognitive) to exhibits in a zoo, they will develop a deeper understanding of their brains’ functions.