5th Grade Stories

(Ages 10-11)

Story Map 5th Grade
Denny 5th Grade

Brain Facts: The Brain Changes All the Time

This story describes how because the world you live in is always changing, your behaviors have to change and so does your brain.  

Rain 5th Grade

Social Health: Social Media: Be Real & Be Healthy

This story describes how social media can have both positive and negative effects on your social health. 

PJ 5th Grade

Physical Health: Eat Right- What Does That Mean?

This story tries to make sense of what we know (and what we are still learning) about eating to stay healthy. 

Cort 5th Grade

Emotional Health: Do Drugs Make Me Happy?

While we all want to be happy, this story describes how sometimes things that are not good for us – like recreational drugs – can change our ability to feel happy. 

Fran 5th Grade

Cognitive Health: Making Decisions

Making decisions is something that all of us have to do all the time.  Making good decisions actually helps you to live a better life and helps your brain stay healthy. 

Axo 5th Grade

Brain Health: Importance of SPECtacular Brain Health in Adolescence

This story describes the importance of focusing on all aspects of brain health as hormones enter the picture.