The Brain Health: It’s SPECtacular program is designed for facilitators (teachers, counselors, parents, caregivers, undergraduates, etc.) to present in group settings (schools, camps, recreation centers, churches, etc.) or to individual children. Facilitators can design their own lesson using the materials provided to fit the needs of the students/children.

The Brain Health: It’s SPECtacular program includes:

  • 7 grade levels ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to 5th Grade
  • 6 stories per grade level
  • 5 activities per story
  • 1 summative assessment per story

Materials included:

  • PowerPoint Story Videos – MP4 recording of the story
  • Scripts – A written version of the story told in the PowerPoint Story Video
  • Activities and Instructions – Each story has 5 activities which reinforce concepts that are discussed in the story.  There are instructions and a material list provided so that facilitators (Teachers, Counselors, Parents, Caregivers, Undergraduates, etc.) can assist the children with each activity.  All materials chosen for use are easily accessible to all, either in the school or the home setting.
  • Power Your Brain Challenge (PYBC) –  A summative assessment is provided which helps to establish whether or not the story concepts were learned
  • Story General Information (SGI) – Describes how the story content fits in with the curriculum content of the schools
  • Science Behind the Story (SBS) – Lists scientific references to back up story points, lists story objectives based on student accomplishments, and describes the correlation of the story points to the National Standards of the Next Generation Science Standards, American School Counselors Association Development Guidelines, National Health Education Standards & CDC