Program Background

Making Neuroscience Fun (MNF) was created by Dr. Linda Gorman in 2003. Dr. Gorman initiated the program while serving as a Teaching Professor for the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Neuroscience and the Behavioral Biology Programs at the Johns Hopkins University. The program was designed as a STEM program to serve as a catalyst for younger students to explore the “how and why” of the physical workings of their own brains at a younger age. Breaking down the information and presenting it to a younger audience makes science more accessible—which leads to a more inquisitive, well-rounded student. 

MNF began as a community outreach program to bring free, age-appropriate, interactive presentations about the brain and nervous system to Baltimore City and Baltimore County elementary school students (pre-K through 5th grade). Dr. Gorman piloted the program with several elementary schools in the Baltimore area. After her initial success with the program, she expanded the reach of the program by training students within the Neuroscience Program at Johns Hopkins University to deliver the program to additional schools. The program was a volunteer effort for the Hopkins students.  

Since 2003, the MNF program has visited more than 70 schools, many of which have been annual visits, and presented the program to more than 60K students. All of the presentations have been delivered by either Johns Hopkins University undergraduate neuroscience students or Dr. Gorman. The program was temporarily halted starting in the spring of 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.