Kindergarten Denny the Dinosaur wearing glasses and a toy rocket.

Brain Facts: Team Work

This story explains how the brain works with the body to let all animals (including humans) do everything that they do. 

Kindergarten Rain the Rabbit holding a cookie.

Social Health: What Do I Do?

Children learn from watching others beginning from the time they are born. This story looks at social development and how children learn to trust themselves and others to make the right decisions.

Kindergarten PJ the Panda holding a softball bat.

Physical Health: Your Tummy Helps Your Brain- REALLY???

This story describes how the stomach and brain work together to keep someone alive and healthy. 

Kindergarten Cort the Cat playing with a ball of string.

Emotional Health: What Am I Feeling?

The story introduces emotional health to younger children. The focus is on identification of emotions and understanding how our emotion affect how we “see” the world. 

Kindergarten Fran the Fox playing with building blocks.

Cognitive Health: Talents: Everyone Has One

This story describes how even though we all have a brain, different brains work differently. This makes for a diverse world, where everyone has strengths and weaknesses. 

Kindergarten Axo the Axolotl wearing goggles and a flotation device.

Brain Health: A Healthy Brain is SPECtacular

This story explains the function of the brain and describes how and why it is important to have a healthy brain.