Pre-Kindergarten Stories

(Ages 4-5)

Story Map K
Denny Pre-K

Brain Facts: Do I Really Have a Brain?

This story talks about how you know that you have a brain, even though you cannot see it or feel it.  

Rain Pre-K

Social Health: Me and You

Self-awareness, awareness of others, and empathy are important concepts necessary for the development of social behaviors. In this story, children learn that there are similarities and differences in what people see, think and feel. 

PJ Pre-K

Physical Health: What is Physical Health All About?

The brain’s job is to take care of the body and the body helps the brain to do that. This story talks about how what someone eats and how much they sleep and move around helps them to keep their body and their brain healthy. 

Cort Pre-K

Emotional Health: What is Your Face Doing?

This story talks about emotions and how the brain and face allow emotions to be shared with others.

Fran Pre-K

Cognitive Health: I Have an Idea

This story explains how the brain gets information from the senses and puts that information together – like a puzzle – to come up with thoughts and ideas.

Axo Pre-K

Brain Health: Keeping Your Brain Healthy: It’s SPECtacular

This story explains what a healthy brain is all about.