3rd Grade Stories

(Ages 8-9)

Story Map 3rd Grade
Denny 3rd Grade

Brain Facts: How Your Brain and Body Talk

This story describes how the brain is able to send information to and from the body. 

Rain 3rd Grade

Social Health: Lean On Me

Everyone needs someone sometimes. Understanding that a support system is important and that it can constantly change is important to your social health.

PJ 3rd Grade

Physical Health: Sleep Basics

This story describes sleep, what it is, how it changes over time and most importantly, why you do not act out your dreams. 

Cort 3rd Grade

Emotional Health: I Want It Now!!!

This story talks about learning how to control impulsive behaviors that are triggered by extreme emotions. 

Fran 3rd Grade

Cognitive Health: Why Can’t I Remember?

This story describes why we need to learn and remember and why it is better to use and apply information that you learn, rather than just memorize information.

Axo 3rd Grade

Brain Health: A SPECtacular Way to Think Outside the Box

This story looks at how “thinking outside of the box” can help children incorporate what they are learning about SPEC health to help them come up with new ways to keep their brain healthy.