An open book with a brain wearing sunglasses in the middle, with the six second grade characters at the top of the book.

The Brain Health: It’s SPECtacular program consists of 42 stories divided into 7 grade levels (pre-kindergarten through 5th grade). Each grade level has 6 stories based on 6 components – Brain Facts, Social Health, Physical Health, Emotional Health, Cognitive Health and Brain Health.  

Grade LevelBrain FactsSocial HealthPhysical Health Emotional HealthCognitive HealthBrain Health
(ages 4-5)
Do I Really Have a Brain?Me and YouWhat is Physical Health All About?What is your Face Doing?Have an IdeaKeeping Your Brain Healthy is Spectacular
(ages 5-6)
Team WorkWhat Do I Do? Your Tummy Helps Your Brain—Really?What am I Feeling?Talents: Everyone Has OneA Healthy Brain is Spectacular
1st Grade
(ages 6-7)
Are Bigger Brains Better?I Can Do it!Your Sleeping Brain is Hard at WorkYour Brain Wants you to be HappyDo You Know what I Know?A Spectacular Way to Take Care of your Brain
2nd Grade
(ages 7-8)
My Brain Keeps Me AliveHelping You Helps Me TooExercise—Good for Your Body and BrainBeing Afraid Can Help You—What?Lots of Ways to LearnA Spectacular Trip to the Zoo
3rd Grade
(ages 8-9)
How Your Brain and Body TalkLean on MeSleep BasicsI Want it Now!!Why Can’t I Remember?A Spectacular Way to Think Outside the Box
4th Grade
(ages 9-10)
Be Nice to Your BrainI Can Handle It… I Got ItMove it or Lose itI Am Sooo Stressed Out!The World As We Know ItIt’s a Spectacular Jungle Out There
5th Grade
(ages 10-11)
The Brain Changes All the TimeSocial Media: Be Real and HealthyEat Right–What Does That Mean?Do Drugs Make Me Happy?Making DecisionsImportance of Spectacular Brain Health in Adolescence