Content Development

The original content for the program has been developed by Dr. Gorman and was focused on brain awareness. Over the past several years, Dr. Gorman has been researching and reviewing the role that social, physical, emotional, and cognitive health play in a person’s overall mental health. As a result, she has begun to revise the program’s content to focus on the brain’s role in SPEC health.  

To assist in reviewing and understanding the scientific research behind mental health, Dr. Gorman introduced a new upper-level class at Johns Hopkins in the winter semester of 2021, How to Live a SPECtacular life, the course was designed to 1.) describe mental health and how it contributes to living a “SPECtacular” life and 2.) work with the students in the class on how to develop research based content about mental health for individuals of all ages with the focus on how to live a “SPECtacular” life.  After completion of the class, a number of students began volunteering with MNF.  We are currently working on developing a training program and certificate for current Johns Hopkins undergraduates, so they will be able to deliver the in-person component of the program.