About the Program


The mission of Making Neuroscience Fun is to educate individuals on how to achieve good mental health by focusing on the role the brain plays in our Social, Physical, Emotional and Cognitive (SPEC) health. The program focuses on using scientific research as the foundation for developing information about mental health and relaying the information in an age-appropriate manner, which is free and accessible to all. 

Program Overview

Making Neuroscience Fun (MNF) is a series of age-appropriate modules aimed at fostering appreciation for science, developmental education, and the importance of the brain and the nervous system in everyday life. The MNF modules are designed around “stories” detailing specific aspects of the brain and nervous system and consists of presentations, demonstrations and activities that are educational, entertaining and exciting. The stories are told in easy to understand language and explain how mental health is dependent on the interactions between the brain and Social, Physical, Emotional and Cognitive (SPEC) health.  

The MNF Core Fundamental Concepts are:

  1. Anchored in science
  2. Fun and informative
  3. Age-appropriate
  4. Free for all

The goal of the program is to improve people’s awareness of brain health and to apply scientific knowledge to real-life activities.