3rd Grade (Ages 8-9)

3rd Grade Rain the Rabbit holding a bowl with a whisk.

Everyone needs someone sometimes.  Understanding that a support system is important and that it can constantly change is important to your social health.  

  • Humans are social animals and they need other humans in order to survive in the world. This means that you need to learn that asking for help is a good thing that will help keep your brain healthy. 
  • A support system is made up of one or more people who you count on to help you (family, friends, caregivers, teachers, doctors, counselors, coaches, etc.). Your support system can be made up of different people at different times in your life.  
  • People in your support system help you with your basic survival needs and with your social and emotional needs. Choosing people to be part of your support system is dependent on your ability to trust and confide in those people to help you when you need it.