Here are some thoughts from the classrooms we have visited:

“The students were so excited and so willing to share what they had learned. Also the brain stress relievers (giveaways) help them to remember a lot of the information. Parents also shared how wonderful and exciting it was for their children.”

Shirley Dessesow, Teacher
Lockerman Bundy Elementary School
Baltimore City, MD

“The presentations and your students were great. They were enthusiastic and well prepared. We would love to have you come back. Again, thank you for your interest in our kids.”

Anita Carstens, Teacher
Liberty Elementary School
Baltimore City, MD

“I now have students who say ‘I want to be a neuroscientist when I grow up.’ This presentation has exposed the students to a new career field.”

Teneka Coffey, Teacher
KIPP Harmony School
Baltimore, MD