June 2019 :  

  • Read our latest article in JACS on new isoporphyrin system as model for cofactor biogenesis of CcO! Congratulations to Dr Melanie Ehudin and the Ivanovic group!

April 2019 :  

  • Congratulations to Dr Patrick Rogler for accepting a position at Intel Corporation!

March 2019 :

  • Congratulations to Dr Melanie Ehudin and the whole team of collaborators for a detailed analysis of heme-oxo models in presence of lewis acids and axial bases! Read the fantastic article in JACS!

  • Read our latest article in JACS on temperature and H-bonding dependent spin crossover in heme-copper peroxo systems, in collaboration with the Solomon lab! Congratulations Melanie and Andy!

  • Congratulations to Dr Daniel Diaz for accepting a postdoctoral position at the Walton lab!

February 2019 : 

  • Best wishes for Dr Jeffrey J. Liu for starting his postdoctoral work at the Marinescu lab!

    Prof. Kenneth D. Karlin
    Department of Chemistry
    Johns Hopkins University
    Remsen Hall/ 3400 North Charles St.
    Baltimore, MD 21218-2685

    Phone Contacts:
    (410) 516-8027(office);
    (410) 516-8420 (fax)
    (410) 516-8144, -7937, -7468, -6161, -6557(labs)


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