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Websites with Flagship Generic theme will be migrated to KSAS Lab, Faculty, Intranet theme

Websites still using the old Flagship Generic theme will be migrated to the more recent KSAS Lab, Faculty, Intranet Theme in the coming weeks. The current Flagship Generic theme built nearly 7 years ago and contains a several outdated, though still functioning, frameworks and libraries. The Krieger Web Services team has not offered this theme...

Updated Faculty/Lab Theme Colors

A significant change has been rolled out to the primary color of our Faculty/Lab theme. Following the updated Brand Guidelines, the theme now offers two blue color options: Heritage and Spirit Blue. According to the guidelines, “Heritage blue lends itself to more formal or serious applications, while Spirit blue works well in more informal or...

Redesigned Website

The Krieger Web Services Team has redesigned its Web Services website. The redesigned website is a slimmer but more focused version of our previous website. Moving forward, this website will contain any WordPress or theme updates in the news section.