Our office maintains and updates websites for offices and departments, but also provides training and assistance for faculty and staff to make changes to their sites wherever possible. Users are able to make most updates, and work in tandem with the communications office to create the best possible site.

You can find more details in the subpages on how to write news and update your home page, common issues updating your site, best web writing practices, image needs and tips, which plugins are are available for our sites, and helpful video tutorials.

WordPress is the official Content Management System (CMS) of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. Because WordPress with KSAS runs on a managed, shared environment with themes and plugins pre-installed, you don’t have to purchase any software or hosting.

  • User-friendly editor: edit content without having to learn HTML
  • Drag-and-drop navigation: add, remove, or rearrange items to manage your site’s navigation
  • News and Calendar: manage your news and events from within WordPress
  • Media Manager: upload photos, graphics, PDF files, etc. (with some rules) to your site from within WordPress

Users and Editing

All websites should have at least one in-house person to edit and update the site, with a potential of up to three users. These users will receive training from the Krieger web communications team, and are expected to uphold web writing best practices and accessibility requirements. Users should be:

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Dedicated graduate students who will be working with the department or lab for more than a year.

Undergraduate students cannot be editors of a website. If you would like to add a user to your site, please use the service request form.

Assigning new users

If you’ve never used a Krieger website before, or want to add a new user, start by having that user log into the correct installation with their JHED id. For department sites, that means logging in at krieger.jhu.edu/wp-admin. For faculty or lab sites, please log in at sites.krieger.jhu.edu/wp-admin. Users will need to be on campus or connected to the VPN to complete this step.

Once the user has logged in, submit a web request asking for them to be assigned to specific sites. Department and program site users must take an additional training before they can start editing the site.

Logging In

Once you have access, you can log in from a computer on campus, or log in while connected to the VPN from elsewhere.

Access your site by adding /wp-admin to the URL of the site you need to access. This will work for any Krieger site (or any WordPress site you have access to). To log into the Sociology site, the link is https://soc.jhu.edu/wp-admin or krieger.jhu.edu/sociology/wp-admin.