The following is an overview of WordPress hosting options provided by Krieger Web Services for Krieger web properties; Enterprise Web Hosting; and a generic 3rd party web host.

Information about how to request sites of each type is in this table.

ServiceKSASKSAS — Special Projects*University-wide projectsEnterprise Web Services3rd Party Company
Website TypeSite on KSAS WordPress MultisiteSeparate WordPress InstallationSeparate Wordpress InstallationSeparate WordPress InstallationSeparate WordPress Installation
HostingKSAS ServerKSAS ServerEWS ServerEWS Server3rd Party Server
Monthly CostFreeFreeFreeTBDVaries
Maintenance/UpgradesKSAS Comm StaffKSAS Comm StaffEWS/central communicationsSite OwnerSite Owner
Tech SupportKSAS & EWSKSAS & EWSJH Technology Innovation Center (TIC)EWS***Vendor
Design SupportKSAS Comm StaffVariesTICVendorVendor
Login TypeJHEDJHEDJHEDJHEDCustom username/password
Max Storage Space400 MB400 MB10GBVariesVaries
Server AccessNoNoNoYesYes
Custom ThemesNoNoNoYesYes
Custom PluginsNoNoNo
Authenticated/Password Protected ContentNoNoNoYesYes
JHU BrandingYesYesYesYesVaries
How to requestRequest from KriegerRequest from KriegerRequest from TICRequest from EWS***Krieger comms can help choosing a vendor

Special Exceptions Only. We do not manage content or build custom themes. We manage WordPress installation but not responsible for updates breaking website/custom theme.
**If domain is approve
***Only server support is provided; not website support.


Any website on the Krieger Web Services’ WordPress network(s) is provided free of charge.

Krieger Web Services is currently negotiating with JHUIT’s Enterprise Web Hosting team about their recent charge policies and prices. Krieger Web Services will inform any website owner that may be affected by these policies.

Enterprise Web Services also provides free HTML only websites for students ( and faculty ( Please contact them for additional information.