Request a Website

The Krieger Web Services Team hosts sites for Krieger School departments, programs, and faculty. The office provides free, public websites for any Krieger School-based faculty member, lab, office, or other academic-focused group. All custom websites will have a url on the domain (i.e and be built in WordPress.


WordPress runs on a managed, shared environment with many themes and plugins pre-installed. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase any software or hosting. Maintenance is handled by the Communications Office. You simply need to manage the website through your browser.

Student groups may have a website built for them, provided the group is registered with the Office of Student Leadership and is housed within a KSAS department. If they are not a formally registered group, then they must exist within or be a student-led committee of a department or program.

All Web Services’ hosted websites are intended to be publicly available.

  • We do not build websites for events, conferences, or courses,
  • nor provide support for content that is classified as “restricted” or requires authentication or password-protection.

Users who are looking for a limited-access website or internal website should consider a Sharepoint communications (for disseminating to larger groups) or teams (for small groups) site. Otherwise, users should place sensitive and secure documents on a University IT-approved tool, set appropriate permissions therein, and link to it from the WordPress site.


  • Your website will have a url.
  • Due to increasing licensing costs, we do not build event or course websites.
  • We do not allow users to add their own plugins or themes due to security, accessibility, and maintenance reasons.
  • Websites that have no or very minimal content added to the skeleton within four months of creation date will be removed without notice.
  • Completed websites must contain at least 3 unique pages of content
  • Web Services forbids hosting sensitive/private files due to the public-facing nature of the web server.
    • We highly recommend using OneDrive or SharePoint to store sensitive files.
    • Web Services take no responsibility for data and/or files that are stored on Web Services websites, and any public exposure becomes the full responsibility of the website owner.
  • All websites should have at least one in-house person to edit and update the site. Find out more about editing on the Using Your Site page.

Request a Website

To start using WordPress to manage the website for your research center, institute, lab, or faculty profile, simply:

  1. Read through our policies on hosting and costs, domains, and themes
  2. Explore the theme options available to you
  3. Please fill out the new website creation request form. We will review your request and reply within 72 hours.