We offer several custom plugins for your website’s needs.To request a plugin be activated for your site, please use the Request Service form.

Some of these plugins are intended for use on department websites, and some are best used on faculty or lab websites on the sites.krieger instance. Please work with the Office of Communications and Marketing to figure out which tools work best for your site.

  • Accordion Blocks: Create blocks that open and close to hide information. This block should be used sparingly.
  • Bulletin Board: Post job or internship opportunities on a specific page.
  • Calendar – The Events Calendar: Post events on an events page or in a widget on your home page.
    • This is a third party plugin. More details can be found in the documentation.
    • Event aggregator extension: adds more import and settings options to your calendar
  • Faculty Books: Create custom posts showing faculty books that display in a listing as well as on faculty’s profile pages.
  • Gravity Forms: Create forms or surveys you can embed on your pages. Only certain forms should be built using Gravity.
  • Profiles and Spotlights: Highlight a news item, faculty member, or student via a sidebar widget that displays thumbnail and pull quote. Also creates a page with profiles, which should be limited to 3-6 maximum. Can be divided by several profile types.
  • People Directory
    • Full People Directory – Individual profile pages with tabs for Biography, Research, Teaching, Publications, and two extra tabs with custom names
    • Limited People Directory – No individual profile pages, can upgrade to full people directory at any time without losing any information
    • Graduate Student & Job Market Candidates (add-on for People Directory) 
  • Tables – Tablepress: Create tables you can insert into a page. Should only be used for tables with 25+ rows, or those that need to be searchable.
    • This is a third party plugin. More details More details can be found in the documentation.