Websites with Flagship Generic theme will be migrated to KSAS Lab, Faculty, Intranet theme

Websites still using the old Flagship Generic theme will be migrated to the more recent KSAS Lab, Faculty, Intranet Theme in the coming weeks.

The current Flagship Generic theme built nearly 7 years ago and contains a several outdated, though still functioning, frameworks and libraries. The Krieger Web Services team has not offered this theme for new websites for the past several years, and is now moving to sunset it.

This new theme is built with the most current version of Foundation, with a focus on accessibility, responsiveness, and device adaptability.

What will not change

  • Your content. No content will be edited, and everything will remain in WordPress.
  • Website structure. No information architecture modifications will be made with the theme switchover.
  • Overall layout. The layout of the new theme is very similar to the layout of your current theme, especially the vertical menu.

What’s new in this theme

  • New Branding Colors. Following the updated JHU Brand Guidelines, the theme now offers two blue color options: Heritage and Spirit Blue. The default color will be Heritage Blue.
  • Lack of background image. Even with ever increasing viewport sizes, analytics show only a tiny fraction of the current background image is visible to a large majority of users. Additionally, the background image does not even currently appear on mobile or tablet devices. These images have been removed in the name of responsiveness and device adaptability.
  • Wider content area. To meet the growing demands of larger and varied monitor sizes, your main content area now fits the full viewport width.
  • Better Accessibility. This new theme better meets World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), version 2.1 Level AA conformance.

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.