Spring 2019

Topics in Mineralogy (AS.270.339) 

PDF Document: epic-fail-flyer

This semester, join HEMI’s Designer in residence and MICA professor Jenna Frye in a modified version of her popular experimental fabrication course, EPIC FAIL. Discover how thinking with your hands, embracing risk and failure and playful exploration with educational toys can invigorate your research in mineralogy and deepen your understanding of crystallography visualization. This course is designed as a hands-on, deeply collaborative workshop where we will investigate the role of creative fabrication technology and invention as it relates to communicating scientific research to outside audiences. Together we will make, tinker and fail our way to improved visualization and presentation strategies so that others may more fully access the complexities in our work. Topics in Mineralogy is a special topics course that rotates in subject and may be taken multiple times for credit. This course is designed for those interested in mineralogy, and we recommend concurrent enrollment in Planetary Interiors, Space Weathering, and/or Advanced Mineralogy seminar.

01-28-2019 to 05-03-2019 | T 01:30 PM – 04:30 PM | Homewood Campus, Olin 206B

Space Weathering (AS.270.406)

This course will introduce and explore multiple topics of Space Weathering – the interaction of solar system bodies with the space environment. Through a combination of lecture, reading, research, and discussion the course will explore physical and chemical processes of solar and cosmic radiation and particles, micrometeorites, etc., on the surfaces of planets. We will also explore interaction of the space environment with planetary magnetic fields and atmospheres, and with non-planetary materials (such as spacecraft, and astronauts).

01-28-2019 to 05-03-2019 | TBA | Homewood Campus

Pre-Requisites: Mineralogy (AS.270.222) or permission of the instructor

Fall 2018

Cosmochemistry (AS.270.222)

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Students in this course will gain an understanding of the origin of various forms of matter in our Solar System and beyond, along with its evolution through geologic processes. Beginning with the concepts of nucleosynthesis and stellar evolution, this course will then cover the condensation of matter, meteoritics, and petrogenetic evolution of differentiated, rocky bodies (i.e. asteroids, the Moon, Mars). Evolution of matter in extra-Solar planetary systems (i.e. exoplanets) will also be broached. In lab we will examine thin sections of meteorites, lunar material, and terrestrial analogs. A field trip to the Smithsonian Meteorite Collection is planned. Graduate and advanced undergraduate-level students are encouraged, as are interdisciplinary students with an interest in planetary science.

Lecture: 08-30-2018 to 12-07-2018 | MW 03:00 PM – 04:15 PM | Homewood Campus, Olin 247

Lab: 08-30-2018 to 12-07-2018 | F 01:30 PM – 04:00 PM | Homewood Campus, Olin 247

Available to the following students: Grad students, Rising Seniors, Rising Juniors

Spring 2018

Mineralogy (AS.270.222) 

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An introduction to the properties, occurrence, and origin of the basic constituents of the Earth, including minerals and rocks. Introductory training in the recognition of minerals and rocks in the laboratory and the field.

Lecture: 01-29-2018 to 05-04-2018 | TTh 01:30 PM – 02:45 PM | Homewood Campus, Olin 203

Lab: 01-29-2018 to 05-04-2018 | W 01:30 PM – 04:30 PM | Homewood Campus, Olin 203