• faculty

  • June Wicks

    June Wicks

    Assistant Professor

  • Research Scientist

  • Dr. Deepak Kumar

    Coming summer 2021!

    • Research Interests: Deepak Kumar will join the lab on May 1st to collaborate with June on high energy density pyrometry and nuclear physics spectroscopy projects.
  • postdoctoral scholar

  • Dr. Vinay Rastogi

    • G45 Malone Hall, Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute
    • Research Interests: Dr. Vinay Rastogi got his PhD from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai, India, in 2018. His job in his PhD was to design and characterize the confinement geometry target assemblies for Laser shock experiments. He was also involved in the design and development of the time-resolved Raman spectroscopy facility at BARC. His PhD research involved the study of molecular level changes in polymeric materials under shock compression such as phase transitions and chemical reactions etc. using time-resolved Raman spectroscopy. His current research at Johns Hopkins University is focused on the phase diagram studies of different materials under dynamic compression. He is interested in such experiments here to understand the kinetics of diffusion, phase transformations and their rate dependence under extreme conditions.
  • Dr. Melissa Sims

    NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    • Olin Hall
    • Research Interests: Dr. Melissa Sims completed bachelors degrees in physics and geophysics from the College of Charleston and the University of South Carolina. Her PhD is from Stony Brook University. It involved research examining compression-rate effects on deformation and phase nucleation for minerals commonly found in meteorites.
  • graduate

  • Tyler Perez

    Tyler Perez

    • Research Interests: I seek to use and develop cutting edge laser-compression techniques in order to experimentally constrain important heat transport properties of Earth and other terrestrial planets.
  • Zixuan Ye

    Zixuan Ye

    • Research Interests: To study the material properties, especially phase diagrams, thermodynamic and optical properties of planetary materials, using laser-induced shock compression.
  • Junellie Gonzalez Quiles

    Junellie Gonzalez Quiles

    NSF Graduate Research Fellow
    • Research Interests: I am interested in bridging the gap between astronomers, planetary scientists and geoscientists through the emerging field of exogeoscience, which considers the geological processes on an exoplanet’s atmosphere in order to be able to fully characterize these exoplanets
  • research assistant

  • Kenny Hulpach

    Kenny Hulpach

  • Juliette Lamoureux

    Juliette Lamoureux

    Lab Manager / Research Assistant

  • undergraduate

  • Anirudh Hari

    Anirudh Hari

  • Sophie Lee

    Sophie Lee

  • alumni

  • Connor Krill

    Connor Krill

    undergraduate student

  • Sharada Narayanan

    Sharada Narayanan

    undergraduate student

  • Elijah Jackson

    Elijah Jackson

    high school student

  • Campbell Knobloch

    Campbell Knobloch

    undergraduate student

  • Dev’Ric O’Neal

    high school student