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Dr. Melissa Sims gives invited talk at AGU

Dr. Sims gave a talk on her work studying Plagioclase and MgO using multiple compression regimes to the AGU virtual meeting this December. There are significant kinetics questions arising when connecting short time scales of experiments to the environment of planetary interiors we seek to understand. With an eye to these questions, she discussed the […]

Welcome, Gin Li!

This fall, Wicks Lab welcomes Yijing Li as graduate student. The following is a short interview with our newest member. Welcome, Gin! Q: Where did you study? What was your favorite class? A: I studied at UC Santa Barbara. My favorite class was the Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy class. Q: What drew you to mineral […]

We’re expanding, join our team!

The Wicks Lab has a new postdoc opportunity in modeling. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions:

Welcome and Congratulations, Junellie Gonzalez Quiles!

Former research assistant Junellie Gonzalez Quiles returns to Wicks Lab this August as a graduate student, and has been awarded a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to pursue her PhD. Junellie is bridging the gap among astronomers, planetary scientists, and geoscientists, in the emerging field of exogeoscience. Exogeoscience considers geological processes reflected in exoplanets’ atmospheres, in […]

Tyler Perez Presents at COMPRES conference

Wicks Lab graduate student Tyler Perez will speak at the 2020 Consortium for Material Properties Research in the Earth Science (COMPRES) annual meeting, which will be held virtually on August 14. He’ll present on his experimental work to determine the thermal conductivity of iron at high pressures, which is necessary to develop heat transport models […]

Dr. Sims is awarded NSF Post-Doctoral Fellowship!

Congratulations to Dr. Melissa Sims on her newly awarded NSF Earth Sciences Post-Doctoral fellowship, “Windows into Ancient Impacts: Examining Meteoritics Research with New Approaches”!  With the award, Dr. Sims will be carrying out research and educational activities with collaborators in the Wicks Lab, the Earth and Planetary Sciences department at Johns Hopkins, and Lawrence Livermore […]

Zixuan Ye, Summer 2020 Intern at Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Congratulations to Wicks lab grad student Zixuan Ye, who will be working this summer at Lawrence Livermore doing data analysis for shock decay experiments of MgO, as well as developing a model for calculating thermal emissions of semi-transparent materials.

Congratulations Tyler Perez!

Tyler Perez, a second-year graduate student of Wicks lab, has been published as first author on “A Synchrotron Mössbauer Spectroscopy Study of a Hydrated Iron-Sulfate at High Pressures.” The paper, Tyler’s first as primary author, is a culmination of his and others’ work on synchrotron Mössbauer spectroscopy measurements of hydrated iron-sulfate, pressurized to 95 GPa […]

MgO-XRD-EP-20a campaign, My First Trip to Omega Laser Facility

By Juliette Lamoureux  I became part of  Wicks’ Lab as lab manager and research assistant last fall. Joining in on June’s course on shock experiments, I was introduced to the basic physics and set-up of dynamic compression experiments and assigned velocimetry and X-ray diffraction data to analyze. Then, in December, I was invited to join […]

Wicks Lab at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco

June Wicks will be giving a tutorial talk, “Novel Experiments for Understanding the Interior of the Earth, Planets, and Exoplanets” this Wednesday at the AGU conference. June will cover the advantages, challenges, and future prospects of diamond anvil cell, as well as laser shock compression and ramp compression experiments. She will be speaking on the […]