Our research interests are in the physical properties and dynamic history of the Earth and other planets, both within and outside our solar system. To better understand how planet-scale observables are fundamentally controlled by the behavior of atoms at extreme conditions, we use X-ray scattering techniques to experimentally probeĀ interactions of nuclei and electrons at high pressures and temperatures.

June Wicks

Assistant Professor June Wicks is based in the Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences (Olin Hall) and the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (Malone Hall), and also holds a joint appointment in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.

News & Announcements

Graduation Congratulations!

December 20, 2018 Congrats to Junellie Gonzalez Quiles on graduating from University of Maryland! She will be joining our team full time for spring 2019 as a research assistant, writing up her undergraduate research on the phase diagram of MgO using laser-driven shock compression. Can’t wait to see what she does next! September 11, 2018… Read more »