Our research interests are in the physical properties and dynamic history of the Earth and other planets, both within and outside our solar system. To better understand how planet-scale observables are fundamentally controlled by the behavior of atoms at extreme conditions, we use X-ray scattering techniques to experimentally probe interactions of nuclei and electrons at high pressures and temperatures.

June Wicks

Assistant Professor June Wicks is based in the Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences (Olin Hall) and the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (Malone Hall), and also holds a joint appointment in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.

News & Announcements

Last Mineralogy Lecture Series – Wednesday, 31st October

Our last speaker this series will be Dr. Matthew B. Weller. Institute for Geophysics at the University of Texas, Austin. The title of his talk is: “Cracking up: a geodynamics prospective on the deep interior, tectonic state, and planetary evolution over time.” Read the abstract here: PDF Document: The Current State of the Earth The… Read more »

Penultimate Mineralogy Lecture Series – Wednesday, 17th October

Our speaker this week is Miki Nakijima, Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester. The title of her talk is “The cosmochemist’s guide to First Man.” Here is the abstract: PDF Document: The Moon The talk will be in Olin 247 at 4:30 PM, with questions and answers to follow at 5:30 PM

Seventh Mineralogy Lecture Series – Wednesday, 10th October

Our speaker this week will be Jenna Frye, HEMI Artist-in Residence. As she always says, she makes stuff, and talks about teaching and making stuff. The picture above of the elephants playing with a toy, is her work. She is Assistant Department Chair at Maryland Institute College of Art and her talk will be entitled… Read more »

Special Mineralogy Lecture: Tuesday, 2nd October

We have a special guest speaker today, Dr. Sally June Tracy, Post Doctoral Researcher at Princeton. Her talk is entitled – “Structural changes in germanate analogues of Bridgmanite with Synchrotron Moessbauer Spectroscopy.” The Mineralogy Lecture Series, or MLS for short, will have the following format: Room: Olin 247 4-4:30 PM Pre-lecture discussion led by Prof. June… Read more »