We strive to better understand how planet-scale observables are fundamentally controlled by the behavior of atoms at extreme conditions. Using X-ray scattering techniques, we probe interactions of nuclei and electrons at high pressures and temperatures. Our work informs the physical properties and dynamic history of the Earth and other planets both within and without our solar system.

A common theme for many of our research projects is atomic mobility. As we push the boundaries of high pressure and fast timescales, kinetics and rate-dependent phenomena control experimental access to properties such as phase stability, phase transformation mechanisms, and defect propagation.

June in Princeton Lab
June in Princeton Lab

Assistant Professor June Wicks is based in the Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences (Olin Hall) and the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (Malone Hall), and also holds a joint appointment in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.

News & Announcements

Dr. Melissa Sims gives invited talk at AGU

Dr. Sims gave a talk on her work studying Plagioclase and MgO using multiple compression regimes to the AGU virtual meeting this December. There are significant kinetics questions arising when connecting short time scales of experiments to the environment of planetary interiors we seek to understand. With an eye to these questions, she discussed the […]

Welcome, Gin Li!

This fall, Wicks Lab welcomes Yijing Li as graduate student. The following is a short interview with our newest member. Welcome, Gin! Q: Where did you study? What was your favorite class? A: I studied at UC Santa Barbara. My favorite class was the Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy class. Q: What drew you to mineral […]

We’re expanding, join our team!

The Wicks Lab has a new postdoc opportunity in modeling. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions: wicks@jhu.edu.