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Remaking a Planet One Atom at a Time – EOS (June, 2020)

“Not only are newer instruments raising the upper limit on pressure, but also they can yield more data than before from each experiment, and more quickly, too. Whereas the first laser compression facilities could fire only a few times a day, now they can test samples every few minutes.

‘Mineral physics is about to face a big data problem,’ Wicks said. ‘Not a problem, an opportunity.’ Some teams are looking ahead to how machine learning can guide experiment design not just to find the best tools to answer a question but also to prioritize which questions to ask first.”

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Want to Make a Super Earth? – The Register (April, 2018)

“The simulation lasts only for about a few billionths of a second. Scientists can build up a picture of the internal structure of the samples by seeing how the X-rays are diffracted. They found that at ultrahigh pressures, the lower-silicon alloy formed a dense hexagonal crystal structure, whilst the higher-silicon alloy created cubic crystals.

‘This atomic difference has enormous implications,’ said Wicks. ‘Knowledge of the crystal structure is the most fundamental piece of information about the material making up the interior of a planet, as all other physical and chemical properties follow from the crystal structure.'”

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