Krieger Web Services provide free websites in WordPress, the main Content Management System (CMS) of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

WordPress runs on a managed, shared environment with many themes and plugins pre-installed. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase any software or hosting. Maintenance is handled by the Communications Office. You simply need to manage the website through your browser.

The Web Services Team does not provide any support for other content management systems.


  • Your website will have a sites.krieger.jhu.edu/example url.
  • Due to increasing licensing costs, we do not build event or course websites.
  • We do not allow users to add their own plugins or themes due to security, accessibility, and maintenance reasons.
  • Websites that have no or very minimal content added to the skeleton within four months of creation date will be removed without notice.
  • Web Services forbids hosting sensitive/private files due to the public-facing nature of the web server.
    • We highly recommend using OneDrive or Dropbox to store sensitive files.
    • Web Services take no responsibility for data and/or files that are stored on Web Services websites, and any public exposure becomes the full responsibility of the website owner.

Users and Editing

All websites should have at least one in-house person to edit and update the site. This person will receive training from the Krieger web communications team, and help with updates and changing. Users should be:

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Dedicated graduate students who will be working with the department or lab for more than a year.

Undergraduate students cannot be editors of a website. If you would like to add a user to your site, please use the service request form.


Our WordPress themes are divided into two families: labs, groups, and faculty sites; and cross-divisional. Themes are fully responsive and compliant with university branding standards, accessibility guidelines, and web best practices.

Each theme may use one of two blue colors: Heritage or Spirit blue. Heritage blue lends itself to more formal or serious applications, while Spirit blue works well in more informal or casual applications.

Please contact Web Services on which color you prefer. Additional color information is available on the Branding website.

Faculty, Groups, and Labs Theme (Vertical Menu)

This theme allows for more navigation items due to the vertical menu and is built to satisfy the various needs of faculty members and their ground-breaking research. Featured images can be displayed across the top of the page.

Cross-Divisional Theme (Horizontal Menu)

These themes are used for Krieger-based organizations that also cross divisions. They contain minimal KSAS branding due to their inter-institutional nature.


We offer several custom plugins for your website’s needs.To request a plugin be activated for your site, please use the Request Service form.

  • Bulletin Board: Post job or internship opportunities that won’t display in the news feed.
  • Calendar – The Events Calendar
  • Faculty Books
  • Profiles: Highlight a news item, faculty member, or student via a sidebar widget that displays thumbnail and pull quote.
  • People Directory
    • Full People Directory – Individual profile pages with tabs for Biography, Research, Teaching, Publications, and two extra tabs with custom names
    • Limited People Directory – No individual profile pages, can upgrade to full people directory at any time without losing any information
    • Graduate Student & Job Market Candidates (add-on for People Directory)
  • Tables – Tablepress
  • Testimonials: creates a custom post type for alumni or internship testimonials.