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Nordic Seas Preprint

Mattia Almansi and Tom have contributed to a manuscript led by WHOI collaborator Mike Spall. The title is “Lateral redistribution of heat and salt in the Nordic Seas” and Mike’s submitted it to Progress in Oceanography.

All hands on deck commentary

Tom has submitted a commentary article to Geophysical Research Letters. The commentary concerns the recent paper by Jahn & Laiho (2020) that the observed freshwater accumulation in the Arctic Ocean is anthropogenic. The Abstract reads: Arctic Ocean freshwater storage increased since the mid 1990s, but the cause was unknown. Now a recent paper by Jahn […]

Preprint on Constraining Ocean Mixing Parameters

David Trossman, collaborator and former Johns Hopkins postdoc working at NASA GSFC, has submitted a manuscript to JAMES on Tracer Versus Observationally-Derived Constraints on Ocean Mixing Parameters in an Adjoint-Based Data Assimilation Framework. See the preprint here.

Polar Overturning Circulation Preprint

Polar Overturning Circulation Preprint

Tom has submitted a paper to JPO called A Conceptual Model of Polar Overturning Circulations. Here’s the abstract: The global ocean overturning circulation carries warm, salty water to high latitudes, both in the Arctic and Antarctic. Interaction with the atmosphere transforms this inflow into three distinct products: sea ice, surface Polar Water, and deep Overflow […]

North Atlantic freshwater preprint

Jan Erik Tesdal, collaborator and graduate student at Columbia University, has submitted a paper to the Journal of Geophysical Research (Oceans) with Tom. The title is: Dominant terms in the freshwater and heat budgets of the subpolar North Atlantic Ocean and Nordic Seas from 1992 to 2015. Check it out on ESSOAr!

Miguel Jimenez-Urias seminar

Miguel gave a great seminar in our Atmospheres & Oceans discussion group last week. He discussed his PhD thesis research on the dynamics of flow across the Greenland-Scotland Ridge. You can watch it here!

OC3D review

Leon Vlieger has written a review of Ocean Circulation in Three Dimensions.

Congratulations Dr. Almansi!

Congratulations Dr. Almansi!

Mattia Almansi presented and defended his PhD thesis yesterday. His thesis title is “Denmark Strait Ocean Circulation Variability.” The presentation and discussion was online with participants in Europe and the US. Mattia himself was alone in an AirBnB in Southampton, UK (where he will start his postdoc next week). Under these challenging circumstances, Mattia did […]