Teaching Rotating Stratified Fluid Dynamics & Ocean General Circulation



  1. To explore and develop the use of rotating tank experiments and gyroscopes in teaching of oceanic and atmospheric science.OC3D logo
  2. To author textbook(s) on dynamical oceanography. See Ocean Circulation in Three Dimensions.
  3. To visit schools and talk about oceans, atmospheres, climate, and high-latitude exploration.

I worked on this topic with Deepak Cherian, who was an undergraduate intern in my group, Robbie Nedbor-Gross, the Weather in a Tank team based at MIT, and Barry Klinger.

See our article on gyroscopes in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. Check out the cool movies!  And see this talk.


Schools (and grades) I’ve visited:

  • Dulaney Day School (kindergarten),
  • Stoneleigh Elementary School (3rd grade),
  • Milbrook Elementary School (3rd, 4th, and 5th grades),
  • Hampton Elementary School (3rd grade).
  • Rodgers Forge Elementary School (5th grade),
  • Summit Park Elementary School (5th grade),
  • Calcot Infants School (UK; years 1 and 3),
  • Johns Hopkins Quarknet program (high-school science teachers),
  • Webelos cub scouts,
  • Scouts BSA.

Contact me if you want to arrange a visit.