Safety Moment: May 2024

Read our newest safety moment where we go over chemical contamination risks when using gloves and some guidelines to follow to prevent contamination.

New PPE Options!

We’re happy to report that there will be new PPE options in the Remsen Chemistry Stockroom available to all labs beginning Fall 2024! If you have any questions about what PPE might work best for your lab or if you’re just interested in learning more about these options, look at the document below or visit...

PPE Awareness Event at Noon Tomorrow!

Join us for a PPE Awareness Event tomorrow, April 22nd, at 12pm in Remsen 140 where PPE experts and the safety committee will be talking about the new PPE options that will become available this Fall. If you have any questions or concerns about PPE, feel free to just walk in to ask no appointment...

Safety Moment: April 2024

Read our newest safety moment where we go over the new and more reliable gloves that are being added to our stockroom and what your new options are in Fall 2024.

Safety Moment: March 2024

Read our newest safety moment where we remind everyone about the damage that excessive device usage can inflict onto your eyes and some tips on how to protect them.

Tea and Snacks at “Ask Me Anything”!

Join us at our Spring “Ask Me Anything” sessions where you can ask about safety questions, socialize with peers, or even just get free tea and snacks. We’ll be meeting on the NCB 2nd floor lobby from 10:30-noon on 3/4, 4/1, and 5/6.

ChemDNA and CSSC’s Valentine’s Day Coffee Hour!

Join us for refreshments, activities, and socialization TOMORROW from 10:30am-1pm at REMSEN 140! The Valentine’s Day Coffee Hour is being ran by ChemDNA and CSSC with students, staff, and faculty all invited. See you there!

Safety Moment: February 2024

Read our newest safety moment on performing a R.A.M.P assessment before starting any new or unfamiliar experiments.

Safety Moment: December 2023

Read our newest safety moment on storing hazardous chemicals safely by following proper guidelines to prevent lab incidents.

December Monthly Meeting!

This is a reminder that we will be having our December meeting this Thursday, 12/7, from 1-2 pm in NCB 112. We will be having pizza as usual. Please let an eboard member know if you cannot attend.