Safety Half Day 2023

The second annual CSSC Safety Day took place September 22nd, 2023. You can also view Safety Day 2022.

“We’re Safer Together”

Students and faculty at lunchtime Safety Fair

Safety Half Day Schedule

Event timeEvent descriptions
11:30-1:00Lunch and Safety Fair (Mudd Atrium)
1:15-2:15Graduate-focused “Careers in Safety & Regulatory Affairs(virtual)

Undergraduate-focused “Safety in Research Careers featuring HOUR(hybrid; virtual – and Remsen 233)
2:30-3:30Do Your Purple Nitrile Gloves Really Protect You? How to Choose and Use the Right PPE for You.” by Jacob Wade (Remsen 300)

Thriving in the age of Data: Uniting Minds for Safer Data Science” by Chemistry department faculty (Remsen 233)
3:45-5:45Lab Safety Scavenger Hunt in labs (various)

Certifications and trainings offered by HSE, HERO, and related organizations (various)
2:30-6:00 PM* American Heart Association CPR Certification Remsen
3:45-4:45 PM Homewood Fire Extinguisher Certification Remsen 300 and breezeway
3:45-4:30 PM Utilizing Your Facilities – Best Practices Remsen 233 Cancelled due to lack of interest
3:45-4:30 PM Identifying and Addressing Small Spills UTL 184
4:45-5:45 PM Hands-On Gas Cylinder Education UTL 182
6:00-8:00Happy Hour and Trivia (Mudd Atrium)
* please note unique start and end time

All Chemistry Department students, faculty, and staff are welcome and encouraged to participate in Safety Day! Members of other departments are also welcome. Each event you attend enters you into a raffle to win one of our door prizes! There are also opportunities to win prizes by competing in our Lab Safety Scavenger Hunt and Trivia events.

Advance registration for CPR and Fire Extinguisher training is now closed. Our Small Spills and Gas Education trainings are walk-in events and do not require pre-registration.

Congratulations to the Thoi-Townsend team for winning the scavenger hunt with a total of 54/70 points!

Lunch and Safety Fair

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM – Mudd Atrium

Come have a free lunch and visit with the Hopkins organizations who work to support you and your research! Our partner offices are here to answer your questions, point you to helpful resources, and support your safety both in and out of the lab.

Participating JHU offices and organizations:
  • Health, Safety, & the Environment (HSE)
  • Office of Sustainability and Green Labs
  • Public Safety
  • Hopkins Emergency Response Organization (HERO)
  • Office of Student Health and Well-Being
  • Counseling Center
  • ChemDNA
  • JHU’s chapter of the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE)
  • Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Graduate Resource Organization (GRO)
  • University Experiential Learning
  • Hopkins Connect
  • Student Disability Services
  • Hopkins Office of Undergraduate Research (HOUR)
  • Hire Hopkins

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Career Talks

Careers in Safety & Regulatory Affairs

1:15-2:15 PM – Virtual

“Careers in Safety & Regulatory Affairs” featuring Phutures is the second event in our ‘Graduate Careers in Safety’ series. This year’s event will focus on employment opportunities in regulatory and quality control careers and how your research experience and classes at Hopkins can prepare you. Targeted towards graduate students, post-docs, and early-career researchers.

Speakers and more details

Moderator: Ekroop Cheema

Safety in Research Careers featuring HOUR

1:15-2:15 PM – Virtual and in-person in Remsen 233

HOUR representative speaking with students

“Safety in Research Careers featuring HOUR” is this year’s installment in our ‘Undergraduate Research Safety’ series. This event is targeted towards undergraduates interested in or currently performing research in departmental labs. It will feature graduate student researchers and recent graduates who can speak to the types of research one can do with a bachelor’s degree, as well as representatives from HOUR taking questions about current undergrad research opportunities at Hopkins.

Speakers and more details
  • Arleth Ortiz Villa, B.S. – graduate student, Thoi lab
  • Erin Kennedy, B.A. – senior technical assistant, DuPont
  • Joanna Zienkiewicz, B.A. – graduate student, Tovar lab
  • Aisha Oza, B.A. – Materials Science Education Specialist at Schrödinger

Moderator: Rachel Dziatko

Special Topic Talks

Do Your Purple Nitrile Gloves Really Protect You? How to Choose and Use the Right PPE for You.

students viewing PPE posters

2:30-3:30 PM – In-person in Remsen 300

This presentation is all about personal protective equipment – what it is, when to use it, and what your options are here at Hopkins. It will feature a live “show and tell” with different gloves, lab coats, and other PPE options to help attendees identify the right equipment for their research. We’ll also take a deep dive into glove options available here at Hopkins and those used in industry. Delivered by the CSSC 2023-2024 Chair with support from safety experts at Hopkins and beyond.

Speakers and more details

Speaker: Jacob Wade, M.S. – graduate student, Goldberg and Thoi labs; CSSC 2023-2024 Chair

More details coming soon.

Thriving in the age of Data: Uniting Minds for Safer Data Science

2:30-3:30 PM – In-person in Remsen 233

This round-table discussion, given by faculty members in the Chemistry Department, is all about a different type of safety – the safety of your data and digital identity. Do you know who owns your data or what happens in the event of a breach? Have you thought about the ethics of data storage and sharing? What really happens if you use pirated software? Come to this event to learn more!

Faculty Data Science panel speakers in the midst of a conversation
Speakers and more details
  • Dr. Tyrel McQueen – Principal Investigator, McQueen Lab; JHU Professor of Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Science & Engineering
  • Dr. Sara Thoi – Principal Investigator, Thoi Lab; JHU Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering
  • Dr. Tom Kempa – Principal Investigator, Kempa Lab; JHU Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering
  • Dr. Rigoberto Hernandez – Principal Investigator, Hernandez Lab; JHU Professor of Chemistry, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, and Materials Science & Engineering

Moderators: Manuel A. Palma and Ekroop Cheema

Lab Safety Scavenger Hunt

3:45 PM – 5:45 PM – various locations

Compete as a team to identify the most safety controls in your lab and in the department! The CSSC has divided all the labs into pairings so that smaller groups have equal ability to compete. The winning Thoi-Townsend lab team gets a free lunch sponsored by the Chemistry Department.

Rules info

The Safety Scavenger Hunt is open 3:45-5:45 PM on September 22. All Safety Day attendees are entitled to participate. Only one submission to the scavenger hunt is allowed per two-lab team, so be sure to work together to complete it! The Chemistry department website has a list of students in each lab to facilitate communication. The team that completes the most correct items wins a free lunch from the Chemistry department (and bragging rights)!

If you’re not affiliated with one of our lab teams (for example: first year grad student, staff member, or undergraduate not in a lab), you can compete as a free agent. If you win instead of a lab team, we’ll pair you up with the top-ranking lab team for your pizza prize!


Various times and locations

The CSSC is pleased to present a series of training and certification events run by our partner offices. Some trainings have limited space and require pre-registration or additional work in advance of Safety Day. Registration opened 9 AM September 5 and closed at 2 PM on September 20. Waitlisted individuals will hear back by September 21.

American Heart Association CPR Certification (registration closed)

2:30-6:00 PM – Remsen; room number provided to registrants
Run by the Hopkins Emergency Response Organization (HERO). Pre-registration is required. This hands-on, instructor-led training results in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification by the American Heart Association valid for two years from the date of training. Participants will be awarded a digital certification card following the event. The Chemistry department will cover all costs of this training.

Please note that this event is longer than our other trainings to allow participants more hands-on time and individualized instruction.

Want to see more events like this? Contact the CSSC to let us know!

Homewood Fire Extinguisher Certification (registration closed)

3:45 – 5:45 PM – Remsen 300 and Remsen-Mergenthaler breezeway
Virtual reality fire extinguisher training followed by outdoor practice with real extinguishers. Pre-registration and completion of online pre-work is required for certification. Other attendees are welcome to come watch!

This training is the second half of a two-part Hopkins HSE module on safe fire extinguisher use. Completion of both components results in certification to use fire extinguishers to fight fires on the Homewood campus for a period of one year. The online component may be completed at During the in-person component, trainees will use a VR headset to complete a fire assessment and extinguishment module tailored to the types of fires found in on-campus labs. Our event also features hands-on practice with actual fire extinguishers provided by JHFRE, which is not included in standard certification.

Please note that although undergraduates are welcome to register or watch this training, JHU policy prohibits undergraduate students from using fire extinguishers on the Homewood campus, regardless of training.

CANCELLED Utilizing Your Facilities – Best Practices

This event has been cancelled.

3:45- 4:30 PM – Remsen 233
Run by Perry Cooper of JHU HSE with facilities staff support. This is a walk-in event. Pre-registration is welcome but not required.

This talk covers common physical hazards in the laboratory, how to identify them, and mitigation steps. Presenters will also discuss how facilities such as hoods and biosafety cabinets work, the certifications they undergo, and how they are maintained and repaired by the university.

Hands-On Gas Cylinder Education (walk-in)

4:45-5:45 PM – UTL 182
This training run by JHU safety professionals is all about how to work safely with compressed gas cylinders. Topics covered include how to move and store gas cylinders safely, regulator installation and use, “stepping down” high-pressure gas cylinders for low-pressure applications, types of gas connectors, and the difference between components designed to hold pressure and those designed to hold vacuum. Closed-toe shoes and pants are required for entry to the lab. Training will take approximately one hour followed by optional hands-on practice with the demonstration equipment. Attendees will get a free gas cylinder wrench – one per lab!

Identifying and Addressing Small Spills (walk-in)

3:45 – 4:30 PM – UTL 184
Run by Ethan Martin of JHU HSE. This training will go over how to identify a “small spill” which may be cleaned up in-lab, and what types of spills require HSE or facilities intervention. Participants will be introduced to the tools available for spill cleanup and how to use them, as well as what hazards are present when cleaning spills. Closed-toe shoes and pants are required for entry to the lab.

Happy Hour and Trivia

6:00 PM- 8:00 PM – Mudd Atrium

Grab your labmates and come win prizes at our trivia event! Questions will include general chemistry knowledge, lab safety, and general interest topics. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be served at this event. Prizes include periodic table socks, ACS t-shirts, element pins, mugs, and stickers.

Special Thanks

The CSSC would like to thank all our partners in this event, including our speakers and trainers, the Chemistry Department administrative staff, and all those who attended! Special thanks to Niel Leon, Dan Kuespert, and all members of JHU HSE for their safety consultations before and during this event.

Partner organizations

  • Health, Safety, & Environment
  • University Experiential Learning
  • Hopkins Connect
  • Graduate Representative Organization
  • Student Disability Services
  • Johns Hopkins Public Safety
  • Hopkins Emergency Response Organization
  • Health Promotion & Well-Being
  • Mental Health Services
A view in Mudd Atrium during trivia