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Machine Shop Safety

Machine Shop Safety: Always work with someone, even if you will not be working long. Wear safety glasses while in the shop, even if you are not the one machining Wear long pants to protect yourself from moving parts, chips and oil. Remove watches and other jewelry that may get caught in machinery. Clamp or otherwise secure the piece, do not rely on holding the part by hand. Tie back long hair and do not wear loose clothing. Be aware of the electrical outlets and shut offs. Wear proper hearing protection as needed. Use the appropriate mask or respirator as needed for dusty conditions. Be cognizant of your surroundings for spills, leaks, and other hazards that may cause you to slip or trip. Wear closed toe shoes, no open toe shoes like sandals or flip flops should be worn.

Pressure regulators and tubing compatibility

Safety Moment - Pressure regulators and tubing compatibility

Selecting the correct PPE

Laser Pointer Safety 101

Working Late

Working Alone

Compressed Gas Safety