Safety Captains

The Chemistry Student Safety Committee is always looking for new members in Chemistry or any related field!!! Please contact or the current committee Chair with questions or to sign up. You can read about our expectations on our Membership page.

Photo of CSSC members in March 2023
Photo of our current members in March 2023
BowenBurak Tufekcibtufekc1@jhu.eduMedia & Communications
BraggRachel Dziatkordziatk1@jhu.eduDevelopment
Chengawaiting a representative
FairbrotherSavannah Phillips (Vice-chair)sphill69@jhu.eduDevelopment
FriedXinzhe Renxren24@jhu.eduOperations
Jacob Wade (Committee Chair)
Juliette Knapp
GreenbergShijun (Arvin) Gaosgao31@jhu.eduOperations
HernandezManuel A Palmampalmab1@jh.eduOperations (Chair)
HuangXinyuan Jixji15@jhu.eduMedia & Communications
KarlinSanjib Pandasanjbpanda101@gmail.comOperations
KempaMarta Sliwa
Kathryn Kingsbury (Treasurer)
Paul Hanrahan
KlausenHerb Wakefield
Brady Mediavilla
Jen Jiang
Development; Undergraduate Relations
Lecktaawaiting a representative
McQueenShannon Bernier
Ben Redemann
Luke Meiler
Mikias Balkew
Media & Communications
Media & Communications; Interdisciplinary Connections
Media & Communications; Interdisciplinary Connections
RokitaEkroop Cheemaecheema1@jhu.eduMedia & Communications
ThoiYuki Osumiyosumi1@jhu.eduMedia & Communications
ToscanoDeborah Rodriguez
Hanna Ketsela
Andrew Thampoe
Development (Chair)
Development; Undergraduate Relations
Operations; Undergraduate Relations
TownsendGabe Yorkgyork1@jhu.eduOperations
Media & Communications (Chair)
YarkonyChris Avanessiancavanes1@jhu.eduMedia & Communications

Our current faculty advisor is J.D. Tovar.

Executive Board

CSSC Executive Board 2023
CSSC Executive Board spring 2023

There are 6 executive board positions within the committee. Elections are held early in each fall semester.

Chair – responsible for scheduling meetings, coordinating with other e-board members, managing projects, and acting as the main point of contact between the group and external organizations.
Vice Chair – responsible for assisting the Chair, taking notes at meetings, and otherwise coordinating within the committee. By tradition, the Vice Chair takes over for the Chair when he/she graduates, and as such this position is usually filled by a third- or fourth-year student.
Treasurer – responsible for managing the finances of the committee and coordinating with the Chem admin team on project budgets.
Subcommittee Chairs (3) – these officers are responsible for organizing their subcommittees, overseeing projects chosen by their subgroups, and acting as the point of contact for members of their subgroups.