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The Johns Hopkins Chemistry Student Safety Committee, Homewood:

  • Addresses safety hazards in individual labs as well as across the department facilities.
  • Offers educational training resources for Safety Representatives as well as the general population of students in proper lab safety.
  • Provides professional development opportunities for trainees in science laboratory management and conduct.

News & Announcements

Chemistry Student Safety Committee Interviewed for Recent ACS Chemical Health and Safety Article

We were one of the groups interviewed from universities across the country to generate data on best practices and challenges associated with starting and sustaining laboratory safety teams. We hope that the sharing of successes and challenges faced by our group will assist other chemistry departments in creating their own successful committees. Read the full […]

March 2020 Safety Moment

Transporting Chemicals Use secondary containment when transporting chemicals to a different location (i.e., a bucket with a handle). A cart should be used when transporting multiple or heavy containers. Do not place incompatible materials in the same container. Make sure all chemicals are properly labeled. Be mindful of any hazards in case of a spill […]

Safety Moment February 2020

Safety Moment February 2020

Always use appropriate PPE! When improperly used, gloves can contaminate objects and surfaces and create exposure to chemical hazards. If you or others experience an acute health effect as a result of chemical contamination, it can be difficult to determine which chemical was the source of the exposure. Reduce the likelihood of chemical contamination by: […]