Committee Goals for Fall 2024CSSC Logo

Last updated: February 2024

  • Advertise, support, and promote the correct reporting procedures
    • Research current reporting options at Johns Hopkins.
    • Advocate for truly anonymous and safety-specific reporting options.
    • Provide direction to these resources through updates to our website, Ask Me Anything initiative, and other initiatives.
  • Raise awareness about new PPE options available in stockroo
    • Create a poster board display of new PPE options
    • Promote discussions with industry experts regarding lab-specific PPE needs
    • Host Lunch-and-Learn with experts to answer questions about new PPE options
  • Improve committee visibility (both inside and outside of Hopkins)
    • Host regular events to raise department awareness of the CSSC
    • Distribute updated safety information, including PPE posters, safety moments, etc.
    • Foster external connections with other lab safety teams (LSTs) through ACS

Initiatives by Subcommittee

Media & Communications

Revamp of website, twitter, and bulletin board left dormant since the pandemic. A particular focus is updating the landing page for our new emergency flowcharts. Development of promotional materials for the lab coat laundering service and other events.


Our current focus is developing the new undergraduate certificate program offered by the CSSC. We hope to recruit students by July 2023 for participation in the program starting the following fall semester. We are also preparing for the new graduate student week and creating an onboarding document template for labs to welcome those new students.


Developing and publishing new Safety Moment publications. Drafting a list of new PPE to be stocked in the stockroom and releasing materials detailing the protection level of currently-stocked items, such as gloves, and as well as general PPE promotional materials. Producing new events for the larger Chemistry community including an Ask Me Anything event and our Safety Day 2.0.