Initiatives by Subcommittee


The safety outreach subcommittee is responsible for raising awareness of the chemistry student safety committee and specific safety issues to the rest of the Chemistry department. Our goal is to encourage graduate students to think about and respond to safety issues, including those that may be considered trivial or unimportant, and to create a better safety culture in the laboratories.

Fresh Eyes

The fresh eyes subcommittee tasks itself with identifying potential improvements in the physical foundation of the chemistry department, such as a solution to potential safety hazards or unsafe operations, and working towards achieving those improvements. In the event of a safety concern, the fresh eyes subcommittee should discuss the issue with the rest of the group so the best course of action can be determined. We hope to promote a culture of safety through tangible changes to our department’s space. This subcommittee is also responsible for scheduling and overseeing peer lab walk-throughs to give fresh eyes to possible safety hazards.


The development subcommittee aims to foster and promote the continuation of the Chemistry Student Safety Committee. This subcommittee is tasked with keeping a log of the active members and acting as a liaison with the Chemistry department.