Group Activities

The Astrophysics community at Johns Hopkins University is dynamic, active and offers many avenues for collaboration and for meeting scientists from all over the world in any area of astrophysics research. CAS and the Space Telescope Science Institute across the street host many visitors every week, either as speakers at various colloquia and seminars or as collaborators visiting one of the working groups. Roughly a third of all colloquia in the Physics and Astronomy Department  are focused on Astronomy. Many members of our department also attend the Astronomy Colloquia at STScI. The Center for Astrophysical Sciences hosts a weekly Wine-and-Cheese seminar, and astro-ph coffee discussion groups meet twice a week. There are journal clubs which focus on more specific subjects and which meet weekly or bi-weekly to discuss the current literature on astrobiology, star formation, galaxies, active nuclei, cosmology, or instrument engineering, while on Monday mornings members of CAS and their visitors enjoy coffee and cookies in the lobby of the 5th floor. The main colloquia and seminars are listed on the Events Page, and other meetings are managed through mailing lists; students and postdocs are highly encouraged to attend and participate.

Theoretical Interdisciplinary Physics and Astrophysics Center’s function is to support theoretical work within all three subgroups (astrophysics, condensed matter physics, and particle physics) of the Physics and Astronomy Department, especially on topics that bridge these subgroups. It sponsors visits by researchers from other universities, hosts seminars, and organizes workshops.