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Statement of Purpose

Stimulate research and foster collaboration on X-ray Astronomy Space Mission Science and Technologies within the JHU community (JHU, APL, JHMI) and beyond.


March 21, 2023, 9:00 AM: End-to-End Simulations For Axis Meeting

CAS_X People

Marco Chiaberge – STScI/JHU

Roberto Gilli – INAF-OAS Bologna/JHU

Kip Kuntz – GSFC/JHU

Erini Lambrides – GSFC/JHU

Stephan McCandliss – JHU

Colin Norman – STScI/JHU

Piero Rosati – University of Ferrara/JHU

Paolo Tozzi – INAF-Arcetri/JHU

Laurent Pueyo – STScI/JHU

Suvi Gezari – STScI/JHU

Close Collaborators:

Stefano Marchesi (DIFA/UniBo, INAF-OAS Bologna), Ang Liu (MPE), Stefano Borgani (INAF-OATs)

JHU Visiting Scientist

Andy Ptak