Theme Options

Our WordPress themes are divided into three families: academic department; labs, groups, and faculty sites; and cross-divisional. All websites are built using the Foundation framework, though the versions vary. Themes are complaint with accessibility laws and best practices where possible and are fully responsive.

If you would like to add any of the components (e.g., accordion, tabs) within the framework added to your site, please contact us via the Request Service Form. We will review the request and add the features if deemed necessary. Please note that themes are provided as-is and cannot be modified beyond each listed option.

Faculty, Groups, and Labs Theme

This theme allows for more navigation items due to the vertical menu and is built to satisfy the various needs of faculty members and their ground-breaking research. Color options include blue, black, green, red, and rust. Featured images can be displayed across the top of the page.

Cross-Divisional Themes

These themes are used for Krieger-based organizations that also cross divisions. They contain minimal branding due to their inter-institutional nature. Color options include blue, black, green, red, and rust.

Academic Department Themes

These themes are reserved for any department, program, or center that offers a graduate degree, major, minor, or just courses. They are designed to highlight the various components of the department. Large research labs or groups can use one of the academic department themes, but approval must be granted.