Working with Images

Images should be web-optimized-under 100KB and 72DPI-to allow for quicker page load times. If you have a lot of images, we recommend uploading them to JHBox (or creating a department Flickr account) and linking where appropriate. We reserve the right to remove any images that do not comply with our standards for quality and/or content. Always give a description of any image you upload in the alt text box.

Featured Image

To set a page’s featured/top image, click the “Set featured image” link in the right column. Upload your image, add alt text, and then click the “Set featured image” button. Close the window.

Image in Body of the Page

Click the “Add Media” button and upload your image. Add the appropriate title and alt text, select the alignment, and click insert into post.

Add media button

Create an Image Gallery

Click the “Add Media” button and upload your images. Be sure to fill out the alt text box with a description of the image for each file you upload. Click “Create Gallery” in the left-hand menu. Select the images and click “Create Gallery.” Order your images, add captions, set the number of columns you’d like,  and click “Insert Gallery.”

Image gallery screen shot

Image Gallery Example

Video Tutorials

How to create a photo gallery page: