Documentation & Videos

Having trouble using WordPress? Submit a service request, or check out the documentation and videos linked below.

Using the Editor

Watch videos on how to edit a page or news item; add headings, links, and bullets; and create playlists and excerpts.

News Posts & Faculty Books

Watch a video to learn how to make your news post redirect to an article already on the internet or add a faculty book.


Learn how to add new events, edit existing events, and organize events with categories.


Read about how to add featured images, images in the body of your pages, and image galleries. Or, watch video tutorials on uploading images, creating an image gallery, replacing or deleting images, and setting featured images.


Learn about the different plugins available, including the people directory, bulletin board, faculty books, forms, profiles, tables, and testimonials.

Sidebars & Widgets

See the different static or dynamic sidebars you can add to your site. Watch a video on how to add a widget to a sidebar.

Navigation Menus

Administrators for personal research, lab, and group websites can learn how to edit their menus.