WordPress is the official Content Management System (CMS) of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. We adopted WordPress in October 2011 to replace both SiteExecutive and autonomous flat-file hosting. Today every academic department and program, along with over 70 research labs and faculty members, use it to manage their websites.

WordPress makes managing and editing a website incredibly easy. Because WordPress with KSAS runs on a managed, shared environment with many themes and plugins pre-installed, you don’t have to purchase any software or hosting; and maintenance is handled by the Communications Office. You simply need to manage the website through your browser.


  • User friendly WYSIWYG editor: edit content without having to learn HTML
  • News and Calendar: manage your news and events from within WordPress
  • Drag-and-drop navigation: add, remove, or rearrange items to manage your site’s navigation
  • Forms Generator: easily build a form without writing any code
  • Media Manager: upload photos, graphics, PDF files, etc. (within reason!) to your site from within WordPress

Getting Started

What We Offer

  • Several theme options, all built to address your various needs and requirements. However, we do not allow users to add their own plugins or themes.
  • Free hosting with no charge to get started with an empty WordPress site
  • Several WordPress and KSAS-plugin-specific training videos
  • In-person training sessions

Request a Website

To start using WordPress to manage the website for your research center, institute, lab, or faculty profile, simply:

  1. Explore the theme options available to you
  2. Fill out our service request form and select “New Website” under the Request Type field

Note: Due to increasing licensing costs we do not build event or course websites. Websites that have no or very minimal content added to the skeleton within 4 months of creation date will be removed without notice.

What If This Isn’t Good Enough?

We understand. Some faculty-driven research websites require more hosting space or technical granularity than we’re able to provide. So you have two other options for your personal lab/profile, or research center/institute website:

  • Use a free platform, or custom build and host on your own non-JHU domain and server. You would be responsible for all costs, if any, but you have complete control. You can use WordPress or something like Squarespace—it’s all up to you.
  • Have JHU Web Hosting host a website for you. You can contact them and they should provide further information.