WordPress is the official Content Management System (CMS) of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

WordPress makes managing and editing a website incredibly easy. Because WordPress with KSAS runs on a managed, shared environment with many themes and plugins pre-installed, you don’t have to purchase any software or hosting; and maintenance is handled by the Communications Office. You simply need to manage the website through your browser.


  • User friendly WYSIWYG editor: edit content without having to learn HTML
  • News and Calendar: manage your news and events from within WordPress
  • Drag-and-drop navigation: add, remove, or rearrange items to manage your site’s navigation
  • Forms Generator: easily build a form without writing any code
  • Media Manager: upload photos, graphics, PDF files, etc. (within reason!) to your site from within WordPress

Getting Started

What We Offer

  • Several theme options, all built to address your various needs and requirements.
  • Free hosting with no charge to get started with an empty WordPress site
  • Several WordPress and KSAS-plugin-specific training videos
  • In-person training sessions

Things to Know

  • We do not allow users to add their own plugins or themes
  • Your website will have a sites.krieger.jhu.edu/example url (see “Domain Policy” below for additional information)
  • Due to increasing licensing costs we do not build event or course websites.
  • Websites that have no or very minimal content added to the skeleton within 4 months of creation date will be removed without notice.
  • Student Groups may have a website built for them provided the group is registered with the Office of Student Leadership, and housed within a KSAS department. If they are not a formally registered group, then they must exist within or be a student-led committee of a department or program.

Domain Policy

All custom websites will have a url on the sites.krieger.jhu.edu domain (i.e sites.krieger.jhu.edu/example). We strongly discourage the use of custom top-level jhu.edu subdomains (i.e. example.jhu.edu) and any non-JHU.edu domain (i.e. example.org).

Any custom jhu.edu subdomain must be requested and be in accordance with university’s central Office of Communications’ Use of Name policies. Custom domains can be submitted via the DNS request form website with the assistance of the Krieger School’s Communications Office.

Hosting Options

 KSASKSAS — Special Projects*Enterprise Web Services3rd Party Company
Website TypeSite on KSAS WordPress MultisiteSeparate WordPress InstallationSeparate WordPress InstallationSeparate WordPress Installation
HostingKSAS ServerKSAS ServerEWS Server3rd Party Server
Root Domainkrieger.jhu.edu
Monthly CostFreeFree$150/month***Varies
Maintenance/UpgradesKSAS Comm StaffKSAS Comm StaffSite OwnerSite Owner
Tech SupportKSAS & EWSKSAS & EWSEWS****Vendor
Design SupportKSAS Comm StaffVariesVendorVendor
Login TypeJHEDCustom username/passwordCustom username/passwordCustom username/password
Server AccessNoNoYesYes
Custom ThemesNoNoYesYes
Custom PluginsNoNoYesYes
JHU BrandingYesYesYesVaries

Special Exceptions Only. We do not manage content or build custom themes. We manage WordPress installation but not responsible for updates breaking website/custom theme.
**If domain is approved
***Pricing currently suspended for KSAS-related projects AY19-20
****Only server support is provided; not website support.

Request a Website

To start using WordPress to manage the website for your research center, institute, lab, or faculty profile, simply:

  1. Explore the theme options available to you
  2. Fill out our service request form and select “New Website” under the Request Type field

We will review your request and reply within 72 hours.

What If This Isn’t Good Enough?

We understand. Some faculty-driven research websites require more hosting space or technical granularity than we’re able to provide. So you have two other options for your personal lab/profile, or research center/institute website:

  • Use a free platform, or custom build and host on your own non-JHU domain and server. You would be responsible for all costs, if any, but you have complete control. You can use WordPress or something like Squarespace—it’s all up to you.
  • Have JHU Web Hosting host a website for you. You can contact them and they should provide further information.