OC3D review

Leon Vlieger has written a review of Ocean Circulation in Three Dimensions.

Congratulations Dr. Almansi!

Mattia Almansi presented and defended his PhD thesis yesterday. His thesis title is “Denmark Strait Ocean Circulation Variability.” The presentation and discussion was online with participants in Europe and the US. Mattia himself was alone in an AirBnB in Southampton, UK (where he will start his postdoc next week). Under these challenging circumstances, Mattia did […]

IDIES Seed Fund Award

Postdoc Miguel Jimenez Urias, Tom Haine, and Charles Meneveau have been awarded a $25,000 IDIES seed fund grant for the project “Towards the Development of Scale-Dependent, Non-Local, Turbulent Closures in Rotating Stratified Flows”! The project will last one year, starting 1 April 2020.

Atousa wins Dean’s Teaching Fellowship

Congratulations to graduate student Atousa Saberi who has been awarded a Dean’s Teaching Fellowship! Atousa will teach a class on “Natural Hazards” in the Earth & Planetary Sciences department in Fall 2020.

Mattia’s GRL paper

Graduate student Mattia Almansi published his latest research findings on Denmark Strait Overflow cyclones, and their relationship to overflow surges, in Geophysical Research Letters. Well done Mattia!

Well done Atousa!

Atousa Saberi passed her Graduate Board Oral exam today, an important milestone on her journey towards her PhD. Congratulations!

Latest News

Dr. Miguel Jimenez Urias joined to group as a postdoc after finishing his PhD at the University of Washington. Dr. Renske Gelderloos was promoted to Associate Research Scientist! Ocean Circulation in Three Dimensions was published by Cambridge University Press. The python OceanSpy software package for analysing circulation model results was released.