Miguel moves to OPeNDAP

Assistant research scientist, Miguel Jimenez-Urias, has moved to a new job with OPeNDAP as a Scientific Community Director. Miguel spent four years in our group working on the Poseidon Project and on the theory of tracer dispersion. Good luck Miguel!

Postdoc vacancy

We’re looking for a postdoc to join the group. The project focuses on processes in the subinertial frequency range (several days) in the subpolar North Atlantic region, in particular the Greenland-Scotland Ridge. Details of the vacancy, and information on how to apply are here. The deadline for applications in January 19, 2024.

How fluid tracers spread: New paper on shear dispersion

Assistant Research Scientist Miguel Jiménez-Urias has published a paper on the dispersion of passive tracer. The title is “On the non-self-adjoint and multiscale character of passive scalar mixing under laminar advection” and the paper appears in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Miguel writes in the paper’s Abstract: “Except in the trivial case of spatially uniform […]

Renske Gelderloos moves to faculty job

After several years in our group, Associate Research Scientist Renske Gelderloos is moving!  She’s accepted a position as a Universitair Docent at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. This is a permanent faculty position in Physical Oceanography & Sea Level in the department of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. The position is part of the university’s Climate Action […]

Jie Ma joins research group

Jie Ma has joined the research group. Jie is a student in the Data Science Masters program in Applied Math & Statistics, Whiting School of Engineering. She will conduct her capstone Masters project with the group on the fates and pathways of wastewater discharged from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. Prior to JHU, […]

Ali Siddiqui passes GBO

Ali Siddiqui passed his Graduate Board Oral exam today, an important milestone on the journey towards his PhD. Congratulations Ali!

Carenza Williams joins group

Carenza Williams is joining the group as a PhD student in physical oceanography and ocean modeling. Carenza holds a Masters degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford. Her Masters thesis was on the influence of future climate change on ocean overturning pathways and circulation timescales. Welcome to JHU Carenza!

Tipping points in overturning circulation

Members of the Haine group have contributed to a new manuscript on the global ocean overturning circulation. The paper is led by Prof. Anand Gnanadesikan and is titled “Tipping points in overturning circulation mediated by ocean mixing and the configuration and magnitude of the hydrological cycle: A simple model.” Anand has submitted the paper to […]

Pedagogical tool and documentation for ocean fluxes

Monitoring ocean fluxes of mass, heat, and freshwater is an essential part of physical oceanography. For example, we see decadal fluctuations in the strength of the currents in the northern North Atlantic Ocean. These changes cause more or less heat and salt to gather in the Iceland Sea, west of the UK and Ireland. But […]