Renske Gelderloos secures new NASA project on Labrador Sea salinity

Dr. Renske Gelderloos, Associate Research Scientist, will lead a new project on Labrador Sea salinity, funded by NASA. The project title is “Using satellite surface salinity measurements to derive and predict changes in dense water properties in the Labrador Sea.” Overview: This project will demonstrate the value of satellite salinity measurements by using them to […]

Ali Siddiqui wins Dean’s Teaching Fellowship

Graduate student Ali Siddiqui has been awarded a Dean’s Teaching Fellowship from the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences. Ali’s course will be on “A Modern History of Climate Science” and will be offered during the 2022-2023 academic year. Way to go Ali!

Renske Gelderloos wins NSF Grant on flow at the Greenland-Scotland Ridge

Associate Research Scientist and group member Renske Gelderloos has been awarded a new grant from the NSF Physical Oceanography program. Renske’s project is on “Subinertial variability across and around the Greenland-Scotland Ridge and its impacts on the ocean circulation.” Congratulations Renske! Overview: The Greenland-Scotland Ridge (GSR) is a shallow topographic ridge between Greenland and Scotland, […]

Wenrui Jiang joins the group

Wenrui Jiang has joined the research group as a graduate student in dynamical oceanography. Wenrui graduated last spring from the Fudan International School in Shanghai, China. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Earth & Planetary Sciences with a minor in Computer & Information Sciences. Welcome to JHU Wenrui!

Atousa Saberi Wins Benton Award

The EPS department has awarded Atousa Saberi the George S. Benton Graduate Student Award! This award is given on an annual basis for the best published (or submitted) paper emerging from research in meteorology and fluid mechanics performed as an EPS graduate student. Atousa won for her paper on “Lagrangian Perspective on the Origins of […]

What “Oceanography” really means

I’m a Scouts BSA Counsellor for the Oceanography Merit Badge. My son recently had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor and my wife (who’s not an oceanographer) and I were looking at his 37 merit badge patches. She came across his Oceanography patch (see image) but didn’t know what it was for. She started guessing. […]

Johns Hopkins Magazine Feature

Our group’s work on Denmark Strait overflow and Arctic-Subarctic Ocean climate dynamics is featured in the latest Johns Hopkins Magazine. The issue is devoted to the Oceans at JHU, and there are several other fascinating stories on marine research by our esteemed Hopkins colleagues and by our illustrious alumni!

Atousa’s Reflections on Teaching

Atousa Saberi has published a blog post on her experience teaching an undergraduate class for the first time. She was supported by a Dean’s Teaching Fellowship in Fall 2020 and taught Natural Hazards. Great work Atousa!

Nordic Seas Heat and Salt Redistribution

Collaborator Mike Spall has published a paper in Progress in Oceanography with Mattia Almansi and Tom. The paper shows that the dominant exchange between within the Nordic Seas is an export of warm, salty water from the Norwegian Sea into the Greenland and Iceland Seas, with both the mean cyclonic boundary current system and eddy […]

Ali Siddiqui in action at sea

Ali is participating in the 2021 GO-SHIP A22 expedition on the R/V Thompson to the western North Atlantic Ocean. He’s a CTD watch stander and working with the LADCP. Here, he’s in action with a sofar spotter metocean buoy. It may look like he threw it over the side, but in fact he’s using Jedi […]