Guide to Onboarding

This is a guide for onboarding new faculty. If you are not a US national please consult the Guide to Immigration Onboarding first. 

I-9.  All new hires are required to complete the I-9 Employment Authorization process within the first three (3) days of employment.  New hires should visit the HR website for more information about the I-9 process as well as additional steps for non-US Citizen hires (if applicable).

Step 1 of the I-9 can be done online, but Step 2 must always be done in person with current documents that establish identity and work authorization. You can visit this site to schedule your in-person I-9 appointment.JHU I-9 Compliance Services. If you are not local to the area, or a campus I-9 appointment is not convenient, you can request instructions on how to schedule an I-9 appointment with a remote agent (many UPS stores have I-9 agents).   

JHED ID. The Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED) is the system that manages user access to any number of electronic functions within the University’s network.  Employees of JHU are required to activate their accounts to establish password and security settings.  You can activate your Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED) ID once the payroll record is activated, normally on July 1st of the year in which your employment begins, the beginning of the JHU fiscal year.

To activate your JHED ID, you should search for yourself in the JHED directory. Once you locate your JHED ID, you can create your account. New users who are attempting to activate their account from off-campus will need to connect with their department administrator to obtain their JHED ID.

The system will ask for partial Social Security Number and date of birth to create a password, and you will set some security questions. Once completed, you can login and enter information for your JHED profile.  Instructions for this can be found on the my.jhsupport website Create Account – myJH Support.  We encourage you to review the frequently asked questions menu.     

Email.  Employees can activate their JHU email once the JHED account is set up.  Instructions to set up JHU email can be found here: Email Services – myJH Support.   

Employee Self-Service (ESS).  ESS is a module within the University’s HR/payroll system that employees use to enter or update important personnel- and payroll-related information including residential address (critical for tax withholding); federal, state, and local tax withholding information; and, banking information for direct deposits.

When possible, employees should access ESS as soon as possible to make their tax declarations and set up direct deposit.  (Note:  There are certain times each month when the ESS system is not available for updates.  This occurs for the few days prior to each pay date, when payroll data is processing.)  2022_jhu_semi.pdf (  

J-card.   The University’s ID card is called the J-Card.  All University personnel must have a University ID badge.  Personnel can opt for a physical card or mobile credentialing on their phone.  More information about how to obtain the J-Card is available on the J-Card office website:

New hires who work in spaces secured by badge access will also use the J-Card or mobile credentials to access these areas.  24/7 building or secure lab access is often granted by departmental administrative staff, so new hires should connect with their department administrator for more information. J-Cards can also be added to iPhones, Apple Watches, and Android devices.  For instructions, visit the Student Affairs website.

Keys are managed and issued by the designated key coordinator for your department.  

Canvas.  Once employees have JHED access, they can access Canvas from the JHED dashboard.    Employees cannot be listed as a course instructor until their SAP record goes “live”.   Department administrators manage this process on behalf of employees after July 1. 

New Employee Orientation.  The Krieger School offer a faculty orientation each fall for faculty; however, this session is geared toward Krieger-specific information.

JHU Human Resources holds several virtual orientation sessions in late June/early July covering benefits, insurance, retirement, tuition assistance and other topics.  Registration information is typically announced in mid- to late-June. Faculty who have appointments that start in January should connect directly with the Benefits Office for information about online orientation options.     

All faculty are encouraged to review the KSAS Faculty Handbook.

Payroll Information. You will need to provide the following information to your department administrator which is required by the University payroll system: 

  • Full legal name as it appears on your government-issued identification
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Country of citizenship (if not a US citizen also provide visa type, visa issue date, visa end date, original US entry date, work expiration authorization date
  • Ethnicity (Hispanic/Latinx, not Hispanic/Latinx), though you may decline to provide this information
  • Race category (Native American or Alaska native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, White, two or more races) though you may decline to provide this information
  • Whether or not you have a disability (though you may choose not to disclose)
  • Veteran status (choosing one of the following: 1) special disabled veteran, 2) Vietnam era veteran, 3) other protected veteran, 4) recently separated veteran, 5) armed forces service medal veteran, 6) disabled veteran, 7) non-veteran. 
  • Emergency contact information (Last name, first name, address, and telephone number)
  • Local residential address and phone number and email address
  • Highest degree (Ph. D., MA, BA, high school), degree year, name of institution, city and state, field of study

Note: Any new faculty member experiencing difficulties with payroll should direct them to the relevant Vice Dean (of Humanities and Social Sciences or of Natural Sciences)

Computers and Office Furniture. The university will provide you with a computer at the start of your appointment and current policy is to replace those computers every four years. In some cases, departments are responsible for ordering and paying for these computers; in others, faculty pay for computers from their startup funds.  Computers used for university business (research, teaching, etc.) must be purchased through official university procurement channels and must adhere to technical requirements established by KSAS. 

Faculty who have particular ergonomic requirements for documented medical needs can work with their department administrator and the Office of Institutional Equity for workplace accommodations, include the purchase of necessary furniture

Note that a desktop purchased for your use must be used in your university office, because, according to IRS policy, the university cannot provide funds to furnish an office in your home.  As noted in the expense policy summary, IRS regulations prohibit the furnishing or equipping of home offices with university funds.

Office Phones. Your department administrator will submit a request with Telecommunication Services to acquire a phone number for you. Information on setting up and checking your voicemail can be found at IT Services. Additional information on dialing through the Johns Hopkins system can be found at Service Now.

Parking and Shuttles. Parking availability on the Homewood Campus is determined by affiliation with Johns Hopkins University and available spaces. Many of our more popular locations have waitlists at any given time. Learn more about the parking options available to you, including locations and rates by visiting JHU Parking.

JHU Transportation Services provides several services to faculty, staff and students. These include daytime services which connect the various Johns Hopkins properties across Baltimore, and evening services which provide safe transportation around the Homewood Campus and vicinity.  View the shuttle schedules.

Mail and Package Delivery. Mail delivery is handled by each department and program individually.  Please speak with your admin about the best address for delivery and for the local pickup and delivery schedule.

KSAS Human Resources. The Krieger Office of Human Resources provides human resource services and support to the faculty and staff of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. We look forward to serving your needs.  Contact information for HR can be found on the HR website.

For human resources information applicable to all of Johns Hopkins University, visit the central Human Resources website.

Travel and Business Expense. The University provides a travel guide, but faculty should be sure to consult the Schools supplement to that travel policy before making arrangements for travel or incurring other business expenses. The JHU Travel Guide outlines Johns Hopkins University’s travel and business expense policies and procedures. Additional school-specific information is included in the KSAS Supplement.

Other policies related to budgeting, travel, sponsored research, facilities, and information technology can be found on KASPER site.