Department Chairs Directory

This list was updated in November 2023.

DepartmentChair NameOffice LocationEmail
AnthropologyNaveeda Khan460 Mergenthaler[email protected]
BiologyVincent Hilser123 Mudd[email protected]
BiophysicsDoug Barrick216 Jenkins[email protected]
ChemistryJohn Toscano115 New Chemistry[email protected]
ClassicsKaren ní Mheallaigh114 Gilman[email protected]
Cognitive ScienceGeraldine Legendre249 Krieger[email protected]
Comparative Thought & LiteraturePaola Marrati220 Gilman[email protected]
Earth & Planetary SciencesAnand Gnanadesikan327 Olin[email protected]
EconomicsFrancesco BianchiS613 Wyman Park[email protected]
EnglishMark Thompson16 Gilman[email protected]
HistoryTobie Meyer-Fong330C Gilman[email protected]
History of ArtMitchell Merback181 Gilman[email protected]
History of Science & TechnologyYulia Frumer380 Gilman[email protected]
MathematicsDavid Savitt212 Krieger[email protected]
Mind/Brain Institute*Charles (Ed) Connor371 Krieger[email protected]
Modern Languages & LiteraturesBill Egginton470 Gilman[email protected]
Near Eastern StudiesRichard Jasnow116 Gilman[email protected]
PhilosophySteven Gross272 Gilman[email protected]
Physics & AstronomyBob Leheny353 Bloomberg[email protected]
Political ScienceRobbie Shilliam341 Mergenthaler[email protected]
Psychological & Brain SciencesLisa Feigenson200D Ames[email protected]
SNF Agora Institute*Hahrie Han329 Wyman Park[email protected]
SociologyAndy Perrin556 Mergenthaler[email protected]
Writing SeminarsEric Puchner70 Gilman[email protected]

* Unit treated internally as a department