Core Academic Matters

Given recent developments related to the Homewood Academic Council (HAC), please see the following Krieger-specific documents. Forthcoming information about committee membership will be posted in this space. Questions and comments can be sent via the committee contact form.

Committee on Core Academic Matters

  • Richard Bett, Professor, Philosophy
  • Amy Binder, Professor, Sociology
  • Stephen Campbell, Professor, History of Art
  • Stefanie DeLuca, Professor, Sociology
  • Bill Egginton, Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Lisa Feigenson, Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Emily Fisher, Associate Teaching Professor, Biology
  • Bertrand García-Moreno, Professor, Biophysics
  • Martha Jones, Professor, History (will join after returning from leave)
  • Dean Moyar, Professor, Philosophy
  • Christopher Nealon, Professor, English
  • Sarah O’Byrne, Senior Lecturer, Governmental Studies, Advanced Academic Programs
  • Alison Papadakis, Teaching Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Eric Puchner, Associate Professor, The Writing Seminars
  • David Savitt, Professor, Mathematics
  • Trina Schroer, Professor, Biology
  • Robbie Shilliam, Professor, Political Science
  • Dawn Teele, Associate Professor, Political Science