Pronouns now available in people directory

In November 2022, we added a “pronouns” field to all sites using a people directory. Adding pronouns is optional for anyone who would like to include theirs. They will be displayed both on the directory page itself, and on the person’s individual profile. This applies to faculty, staff, graduate students, and job market candidates.

Regardless of the pronouns that are included, they should be listed:

  • pronouns only, no other details
  • all lowercase
  • with slashes to delineate multiple pronouns

For directories that are tables, we suggest you add (pronoun/pronoun/pronoun) after a person’s name if there are 2-3 columns, or under their name on the next line if there are 4+ columns.

If your directory doesn’t show updated pronouns immediately, please refer to our updating your site page to troubleshoot. Please contact web services if you have any issues or concerns.

directory showing two professors with pronouns listed next to their names