Merging Profiles and Testimonials

Starting in November 2022, web services will be merging the KSAS Student and Alumni Profiles and KSAS Testimonials to create a more streamlined way for departments to highlight recent alumni, current students, and their experiences at the Krieger School.

The new plugin will allow users to display profiles of multiple faculty, students, or alumni and customize their details (such as their class year or graduation year, and whether their profile is related to an internship, program, or applied experience). These profiles can be displayed all on one page, or featured on other pages in a block or sidebar widget.

Best Practices and Requirements

We’re also adding new standards are requirements for any departments or profiles using the profiles plugin. The majority of our users are prospective graduate and undergraduate students, and our data has found that most site users only look at 1-2 profiles, and don’t peruse a list of 20+. Based on that information, we expect all sites hosting profiles to:

  • Focus on 2-4 profiles per type of profile. Maximum six per type. These profiles should be considered highlights of your student experience, alumni experience, etc.
  • Profiles should be updated every two years. Older profiles should be updated or replaced.
  • Try to keep alumni profiles to students who have graduated in the last 10 years, or at least a majority of younger alumni.


Web services will help departments clean up testimonials and profiles. Testimonials should be updated and in the new format by February 2023.