Using the Editor

  • Using the WYSIWYG Editor

  • How to make your news post redirect to an article that already exists on the Internet

  • How to add a faculty book

    1. Save the photo of the book cover from the Amazon image or wherever you can find it—make sure it’s web-optimized (a small file)
    2. From your dashboard, click News, then click Add News
    3. Add the title
    4. Add the description
    5. Edit the post publication date from “publish immediately” to be the date the book was published (this affects where it is displayed chronologically on the Faculty Books page)
    6. Under Categories, check Faculty Books
    7. Check the department
    8. Under Faculty Books Details, add the publisher, year of publication, and Amazon link, making sure to delete the http:// from the link. Then select the faculty member from the drop-down (must already have a profile created in the People section) and choose the role (author, editor, etc.)
    9. Under Featured Image, click Set Featured Image, and upload the book cover
    10. Click the Publish button
    11. Finally, make sure the faculty member’s profile has the box at the bottom of the editor screen checked to display books. If not, check the box and then click Update.