The Asian Diaspora in Baltimore, Documented and Described

The 300 block of Park Avenue in Downtown Baltimore was at the center of several presentations by undergraduate students on Tuesday, December 6th. This block today is home to several businesses run by Ethiopian merchants, offering hair styling, meals, and other essentials. Yet this block historically has been the locus of the Chinese community in the city of Baltimore, which peaked in the 1960s.

Students examined this unique block and its changes, amid the broader vicissitudes of economic and racial transformations in Baltimore, as part of their fall course History Lab: Asian Diaspora in Baltimore, taught by assistant professor of history H. Yumi Kim.

Job Ad: Postdoctoral Fellow in Racism, Immigration, and Citizenship (2023–24)

Johns Hopkins University’s Program in Racism, Immigration, and Citizenship seeks one postdoctoral fellow committed to redressing academic white supremacy, reimagining doctoral education, and advancing anti-racist freedom education.

Media Coverage of Walk of Remembrance

Building on the January 2022 Ritual of Remembrance, the first Walk of Remembrance, co-organized by RIC Postdoctoral Fellow Jasmine Blanks Jones and Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts Community Arts Fellow Jeneanne Collins, received excellent media coverage.

Students, Faculty Imagine New Academic Program at JHU, a Department of Reparations

In May 2022, the RIC faculty board voted unanimously to support the proposal for a new undergraduate major, tentatively called Critical Diasporic Studies. On Tuesday, September 13, 2022, RIC hosted a roundtable event titled “A Department of Reparations?” to further echo student demands for new curricular initiatives at JHU. Featuring eminent scholars in the fields of racial and ethnic politics and transnational cultural studies, Dr. Adom Getachew and Dr. Lisa Lowe, the roundtable sketched the contours of what new directions in the study of racism, diaspora, and indigeneity might look like in our present moment.

RIC Supports Trip to Liberia for Baltimore Schoolchildren

A smile graced every face in Pleasant Hope Baptist Church on a recent Sunday morning. RIC Director Nathan Connolly and RIC postdoctoral fellow Jasmine Blanks Jones presented a commemorative check to the church’s dance ministry, Angels of Praise. Drs. Connolly and Blanks Jones announced that support secured under “Inheritance Baltimore,” RIC’s grant-sponsored project, will fund a group trip to Liberia this December.

RIC Roundtable and Reception on 9/13 Announced: “A Department of Reparations?”

The Program in Racism, Immigration, and Citizenship is pleased to host a roundtable to kick off the 2022–2023 academic year. Titled “A Department of Reparations?” the roundtable will feature Lisa Lowe (Yale) and Adom Getachew (U Chicago), in conversation with RIC Director Nathan Connolly and Joyce Wang (JHU ’22). It will take place on Tuesday, September 13, from 7pm to 9pm.

RIC Associate Director Stuart Schrader Edits Special Issue of Journal

During the uprisings around the United States and beyond following the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, like many scholars of policing, Dr. Stuart Schrader, associate director of JHU’s Program in Racism, Immigration, and Citizenship, felt the need to historicize and contextualize the police response to these protest events. Now, almost exactly two years later, a new special double issue of the journal Small Wars and Insurgencies has been published under Schrader’s editorial leadership.

Talk about Mass Incarceration in the Rural U.S. Announced for 3/10

Dr. Jack Norton, Senior Research Associate at the Vera Institute of Justice, will give a talk titled “Why Is Mass Incarceration Booming in the Rural U.S.?” on Thursday, March 10, 5pm-6:30pm, in Gilman 50. Norton will also speak to JHU PhD students as part of the Provost’s Professional Development Innovation Initiative on Friday, March 11, 11am-12:30pm, in Mergenthaler 266.

Media Coverage of Ritual of Remembrance

The first Ritual of Remembrance, co-organized by RIC Postdoctoral Fellow Jasmine Blanks Jones and Inheritance Baltimore Community Arts Fellow Jeneanne Collins, received excellent media coverage.

Ritual of Remembrance Announced for 1/21

Join us for the first Ritual of Remembrance, January 21, 2022, outside the Homewood Museum. This community gathering will highlight new research findings about the enslaved people who lived on the site of the Homewood campus and honor the legacy of Black labor in building the institutions of today.