Chloe Center Grant and Award Winners Announced

Orange slide: "Chloe Center for the Critical Study of Racism, Immigration, and Colonialism Grants and Awards"

To open the inaugural Chloe Center symposium, Keywords for the Critical Study of Racism, Immigration, and Colonialism, on May 2nd, director Stuart Schrader announced a slate of grant and award winners. The recipients of these grants and awards were chosen from a large pool of meritorious candidates. The campus-wide interest in the critical study of racism, immigration, and colonialism is robust, as demonstrated by the number of applicants. Of particular note are the four awards for outstanding achievement.

White male speaker gesticulating at podium beside screen with orange slide
Stuart Schrader introducing Chloe Center awardees, photo by Danny Cumming

The winners were as follows:

Hopkins Summer in Jamaica Scholarship Award

Harmony Onyinyechi Madu
(Public Health, sophomore)

Undergraduate Summer Research Awards

Rachel Baffoe-Bonnie
Mentor: Homayra Ziad
Major: Medicine, Science, & the Humanities, sophomore
Title: Spirit Possession or Depression? Black Immigrant Families’ Mental Health Perceptions and Behaviors: An Ethnographic Case Study in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area

Vanessa Han
Mentor: H. Yumi Kim
Major: International Studies/Sociology, sophomore
Title: The Structural Undercurrents of Korean and Black Relations in Baltimore

Ethan Tan
Mentor: H. Yumi Kim
Major: History/Medicine, Science, & the Humanities, junior
Title: Organizing Chinese Community in Twentieth Century Baltimore

Angela Tracy
Mentor: Erin Aeran Chung
Major: Political Science/Psychology, junior
Title: Filipino Diaspora: Unraveling Colonial Legacies and Military-Industrial Dynamics

Graduate Research and Travel Grants

Adenugba Omotayo Adenkule
Mentor: Clara Han
Department: Anthropology
Title: The Evolution of Blackgold: Ecologies of Water, Sound, and Legality in Ogoni, Nigeria

Rini Barman
Mentor: Clara Han
Department: Anthropology
Title: Entanglements of Heritage Brews with Tribal Women in Postcolonial Assam: Studying Masculinity, Racialized Labor and Community Practices in Northeast India

Ga Eun Cho
Mentor: Erin Aeran Chung
Department: Political Science
Title: To Make Leave or Let Stay: Mass Emigration and Development in South Korea

Award for Outstanding Citizenship Practice

Dr. Shawntay Stocks
Associate Director for Fellowships and Community Engagement
Inheritance Baltimore: Humanities and Arts Education for Black Liberation

This award recognizes a student, faculty, or staff member who has engaged in the practices of citizenship at the grassroots level, contributing from below to the betterment of the university, the city of Baltimore, and our world, through community engagement and creative anti-racist action.

Black woman in front of screen announcing award
Shawntay Stocks received the Award for Outstanding Citizenship Practice

Undergraduate Research Excellence Award

Emma Petite
Political Science/International Studies, senior

This award is for an undergraduate student who has completed original research on topics of interest to the Chloe Center and delivered their findings to the public. It recognizes superlative contributions to the research agenda of the Chloe Center.

Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement Award

Natalie Wang
Undergraduate Fellow, Chloe Center for the Critical Study of Racism, Immigration, and Colonialism
Neuroscience/Medicine, Science, & the Humanities, senior

This award recognizes all-around excellence in academics and community engagement by an undergraduate who has made outstanding contributions to the life of the Chloe Center.

Man and woman look at each other in auditorium
Stuart Schrader confers the Chloe Center Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement Award on Natalie Wang, photo by Danny Cumming

Outstanding Graduate Student Achievement Award

Sheharyar Imran
Graduate Fellow, Chloe Center for the Critical Study of Racism, Immigration, and Colonialism
Political Science

As Schrader remarked at the event, “This award might as well be called the Sherry Imran Award, because I personally would hope that anyone who wonders what type of intellectual, creative, and political achievement defines the Chloe Center’s aspirations would look to what Sherry has done since he joined RIC formally in 2020.” He continued by noting “there has been almost no programming that we have done that has not been stamped with Sherry’s intellectual and political vision, including our focal points anti-racist solidarities, abolition in a global context, and more. Sherry has defined the values and objectives that we have aspired to achieve, including the importance of trusting graduate students to take on the responsibilities of democratic governance of a program.”

The Chloe Center congratulates all its awardees, and we look forward to presentations next academic year by the grant winners on the research they will be conducting.

Two students address the crowd in auditorium
Sheharyar Imran, graduate fellow, and Natalie Wang, undergraduate fellow, address the crowd after the award ceremony to discuss the launch of the Chloe Center this year. Stuart Schrader and keynote speaker Iyko Day (Mt. Holyoke) in the foreground, photo by Danny Cumming