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The Program in Racism, Immigration, and Citizenship (RIC) provides a forum for students, faculty, and staff to explore how racial hierarchies interact with migration flows to shape citizenship, national identity, and practices of democratic inclusion and social exclusion. Our most recent theme was “Freedom Education.”

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The Asian Diaspora in Baltimore, Documented and Described

The 300 block of Park Avenue in Downtown Baltimore was at the center of several presentations by undergraduate students on Tuesday, December 6th. This block today is home to several businesses run by Ethiopian merchants, offering hair styling, meals, and other essentials. Yet this block historically has been the locus of the Chinese community in the city of Baltimore, which peaked in the 1960s.

Students examined this unique block and its changes, amid the broader vicissitudes of economic and racial transformations in Baltimore, as part of their fall course History Lab: Asian Diaspora in Baltimore, taught by assistant professor of history H. Yumi Kim.

Media Coverage of Walk of Remembrance

Media Coverage of Walk of Remembrance

Building on the January 2022 Ritual of Remembrance, the first Walk of Remembrance, co-organized by RIC Postdoctoral Fellow Jasmine Blanks Jones and Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts Community Arts Fellow Jeneanne Collins, received excellent media coverage.